What is Citrulline Malate?

Everything You Need to Know About Citrulline Malate

This is one of the favourite fatigue-busting supplement of increasing numbers of athletes, but what is citrulline malate?

If your routine includes resistance training then you could certainly benefit from it.

Do bigger muscle pumps, more muscle pumps, and reduced soreness afterwards sound good?

Let’s explore this supplement in more detail:

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What is caffeine

Everything You Need to Know About Caffeine

Caffeine is familiar to most people in the form of their morning cup of coffee or tea.

…and who doesn’t love a good brew?

Students often drink coffee to stay awake through long nights of study.

But should weightlifters take caffeine supplements?

Does caffeine have bad side effects?

There is much more to caffeine than just feeling ‘the buzz’.

This plant-based drug can increase your motivation and make working out feel like less of a chore.

And that’s not all…

So, what is caffeine?

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What is DMAA?

Everything You Need to Know About DMAA

This supplement has been subject to a lot of controversy in recent years, but what is DMAA?

While many athletes claim that this is a safe and effective pre-workout supplement, it has been linked to adverse reactions and even deaths.

This under-researched stimulant has often been marketed as a natural product, but even this claim has been challenged.

DMAA has now been withdrawn from sale in many countries, including the UK and the USA, and is prohibited by many sporting organisations.

But, why?

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What is ornithine?

Everything You Need to Know About Ornithine

This post will teach you everything you need to know about ornithine.

But what is ornithine?

Many of you will be wondering what it is, what ornithine does and what the benefits of ornithine are.

Ornithine is an amino acid, often partnered with arginine but it does have benefits of its own.

This supplement can help reduce feelings of fatigue during tough workouts.

Not only this, it might even lessen your hangover symptoms after a big night on the tiles – bonus!

In addition, this amino acid has been linked to increased virility and better sexual performance – so if you’re struggling with your performance, you know what to do!

Let’s take a more detailed look into ornithine…

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What is theanine?

Everything You Need to Know About Theanine

For students who have exams coming up, theanine might be a winning supplement.

This green tea extract is relatively cheap and very effective.

It can make you feel calm without feeling subdued, focused without feeling like your head.

And even better, it appears to be completely safe.

Used in the East for thousands of years, green tea, and its active ingredient, theanine are becoming ever more popular in the West.

This supplement, often found in pre-workout products, helps you avoid stress and allows you to focus on your goals better than ever before.

Let’s talk about what theanine is and what theanine is used for:

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Creatine Definitive Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Creatine

Over the years that creatine has been around as a supplement, it has been proven to be effective time and time again.

But how does creatine work?

With very few reported side-effects – none of them serious – this seems like a product worth trying for anyone wanting to build muscle or increase power and performance.

Because of its popularity, there have been many new formulations emerging onto the market which can make it difficult to choose between types.

You’ll often find these different variations within gym preworkouts and protein shakes, although some manufacturers argue that you don’t feel the benefit when taken alongside ingredients such as beta-alanine.

In this post we’ll give you the lowdown on the most popular creatine formulations, and let you know exactly what to expect from taking it as a supplement. Read More