Best Running Shoes

Best Running Shoes for Both Road & Trail Running

Running is a great cardio workout.

You can do it anywhere… It is a simple way to keep fit whilst travelling. Just pack your running shoes and explore the grounds.

How do we answer the question “which running shoe is best?

There’s no simple way to make this article without referring to dozens of different types of shoes, dozens of styles of running, dozens of goals you runners want to achieve, and dozens of trails, each with their own ups and downs.

Barring that we can’t write an article detailing the best lightweight running shoes for you, on your path with 35% road, 20% trails, and 45% grassy hills, accommodating your specific foot sizing, arch type and pain points….

…maybe we can just do an overall “best of” list and break down some of the best running shoes in their categories. Yeah, let’s do that. It’s better than trying to write a lengthy article on every option of the best shoe for running out there.

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Best dumbbells for home

Best Dumbbells for Home – Build Strength & Fitness in Your Bedroom

We've done tons of research to find the best dumbbells for home use, we are giving you this advice to make your body a temple...

What is it that spurs you on to wake up early and workout?

Is it because you want to look good to impress a certain someone?

Or is it simply because you have a few pounds to lose in certain areas, and a few pounds to gain in others? I mean, who doesn’t?

Whatever the reason you’ve chosen to get fit, we applaud you. It’s a noble goal and it doesn’t matter where you are on your journey to better health. You’re miles ahead of anybody who isn’t trying.

And to celebrate your desire to get healthier, let us help you. We wanted to walk you through how to buy the best dumbbells for home use.

We’re going to dispel some myths about the best dumbbells for the home gym, and we’ll take you through some of the different sets that you can buy, like the best adjustable dumbbells.

But to be honest, this is a hard article to write. Because the best home dumbbell set is the one that you’ll actually use.

And that part is up to you.

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Best Fitness Tracker

Best Fitness Trackers – Improve Your Fitness Levels

By now, you have heard of fitness trackers. They are everywhere. In the industry, they’re known as “wearables”, or a technology that now you can wear.

But what is the best fitness tracker around now? And do fitness trackers actually help to improve your fitness levels?

We've researched the top fitness monitors around.

They are cooler than Google Glass, more practical than an Oculus Rift VR headset, and way more advanced than those old pedometers you used to strap to your belt. And forget the expensive price tags on other wearables, you can easily get the best activity tracker under 100 pounds.

Fitness trackers can do so much more than simply track your steps. You can use them to accurately determine your fitness levels, accumulate data on your workouts, and improve your abilities as you actively move around.

But which fitness tracker do you choose? How can you determine which feature suits you best? Are they even cool?

We’ve created this handy guide to figure out which of the multiple options on the market are worth noticing. Everyone is trying to get your attention, but which fitness tracker should you pay attention to.

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Best Pull Up Bars for Home

Best Home Pull-Up Bars – Work Your Upper Body Effectively

If you’re looking to do an effective upper body work-out at home, then you need a pull-up bar.

We’ve found the best pull-up bars on the market right now…

If you’re interested in getting your arms legally declared as weapons,

Or, if you want to intimidate your opponents in that friendly game of family volleyball,

And, if you just want to achieve peak fitness…

…you need to do pull-ups.

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best hand gripper

Best Grip Strengthener for Hands of Steel

So, you’re looking to become a superhero?

We can only assume that’s what you’re intending since that’s the number one trait that all superheroes seem to have; incredible grip strength.

And it’s an admirable challenge to take on.

If you want to learn how to improve grip strength, we’re here to educate you and help you find the best hand gripper for you.

Is it as simple as buying a cheap hand squeezer? Or would you better off with the best hand strengthener money can buy.

And why would you want to learn about grip strength? Many athletes see improvement in their performance from improved forearm strength. For example, rock climbers use their upper body to do the majority of their lifting.

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best home gyms

Best Home Gyms & Fitness Equipment

It’s soon coming to that time of the year when gym memberships start to sell like hotcakes.

And you might be interested in taking out a contract.

It might be that you’re looking at your own waistline, wondering if it’s time to make some changes.

Maybe you want to get an early start on looking good for next summer.

Maybe you’re getting ready for a reunion.

Or maybe you’ve decided that it’s time to focus on your health.

But are you really going to spend all that money on a gym?

You have to compete with the grunts, the marathoners and the muscle-bound gym jocks that look like they own the place.

Not only that, but are you committed enough to drive to the gym every couple days, park, shower, and mingle with the crowds all vying to do the same thing?

Wouldn’t it be better to set up the best home gym? Would you feel more comfortable creating your best compact home gym, right in your basement or garage?

We’re doing this because we, just like you, despise that rush of people at the gym, when we much prefer to do it all form the convenience of home.

But you might be thinking that it’s an expensive exercise to create the best home gym setup.


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