Abs at home

The Best Way to Build Abs at Home

Looking for information on how to get abs?

Maybe you’re looking to get abs at home? There’s no need for that overpriced gym membership when with hard work at home you can get the abs your body desires.

It’s not that complicated, but we have seen how to make abs at home fast too simplified on other websites. We think it’s time to break some misconceptions and finally learn the truth about getting abs of steel at home.

It’s not about counting how many sit-ups for a six-pack. It takes dedication, hard work and probably more effort than you would first think, but it is possible.

We’re going to illuminate some of the myths about abs and dispel some of those silly notions that it can happen in just 6 minutes a day while you’re munching Cheetos and binging Netflix shows.

We’re going to teach you some science (yes it’s back to the classroom for a bit), talk about simple exercises and also discuss some of the best tools we’ve seen for how to build abs at home.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common techniques and tools to get you those rock hard abs of steel you desperately want to have.

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Best resistance bands

The Ultimate Resistance Band Workout for Beginners

Resistance band training has many benefits. You can get a full body workout with the right resistance bands and build muscle.

We’ve come up with the best resistance band workout to help you sculpt your body to perfection.

If you’ve ever seen an astronaut landing back on Earth after some time in space, you have probably seen them stand for the first time. These incredible athletic people have trouble even taking a few steps on their own.

That’s because they lacked one thing in space:


Gravity gives us the resistance we need to build strength. It’s necessary to normal life. That’s why astronauts have trouble with even the most basic of tasks. They didn’t get enough resistance to even maintain their musculature.

Resistance training is all about using that necessary force to your benefit. You could know it by another name, like weight training or strength training. The dictionary has a boring definition for it: the attempt to prevent an action.

We prefer to think of it as making something harder. The harder it is, the more resistance you’ll feel. And in turn, the better your body will become.

When you keep using resistance, your muscles get larger and stronger. They have to overcome that resistance you’re applying to do what you’re asking of them.

So how do you perform your own resistance training workout?

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Improve Athleticism

What is Athleticism? Workouts to Improve Athleticism

What are you training for? Are you looking to win a competition?

Do you want to improve your physique? Look better naked?

We’d be willing to bet that although you may have a goal in mind, no matter how far along you are in your training, that you can still be more ‘athletic’.

What do we mean by that? Why is the new buzzword “athleticism”? What is athleticism?

It’s because most training sessions have a smaller goal in mind – look big, run efficiently, exercise longer.

But that goal doesn’t mean that you have good athleticism.

Athleticism is defined as the typical characteristics you would find in an athlete.

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black friday fitness deals

The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Fitness Deals 2017

It’s Black Friday!

Today is the day where shops drop their prices in the run-up to Christmas.

Usually sales last until Cyber Monday at midnight.

We’ll be scouring the web every minute to find you the best Black Friday fitness deals that are being posted by the nations biggest stores, brands, gyms and more.

Now is the perfect time to grab presents, stock up or prepare for your New Year fitness regime.

Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving in America, and the UK has gradually started to get on board. It is now the largest day of shopping in the UK each year.

And an increasing number of shops are climbing on board by offering incredible deals throughout the weeks of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We are on hand to save you time and money by listing the best Cyber Monday health and fitness deals.

Keep checking back as we add more throughout the day! And remember to share this post with friends.

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Best Home Punch Bags

Best Punch Bags for Home Boxing & Workouts

Working on your MMA skills?

Trying to improve your Muay Thai or boxing technique? Looking for a good workout?

If you even thought about answering ‘Yes’, then we think it’s time you considered buying the best punch bag.

If you ever thought about ways to improve your fitness or add some flavour to your workouts, you should definitely look at the best at home punching bag that you can find.

Every gym has a version of the standard punch bag, from the speed bag, the free-standing heavy bag, the angled bag, the wall-mounted bag…

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Best Running Shoes

Best Running Shoes for Both Road & Trail Running

Running is a great cardio workout.

You can do it anywhere… It is a simple way to keep fit whilst travelling. Just pack your running shoes and explore the grounds.

How do we answer the question “which running shoe is best?

There’s no simple way to make this article without referring to dozens of different types of shoes, dozens of styles of running, dozens of goals you runners want to achieve, and dozens of trails, each with their own ups and downs.

Barring that we can’t write an article detailing the best lightweight running shoes for you, on your path with 35% road, 20% trails, and 45% grassy hills, accommodating your specific foot sizing, arch type and pain points….

…maybe we can just do an overall “best of” list and break down some of the best running shoes in their categories. Yeah, let’s do that. It’s better than trying to write a lengthy article on every option of the best shoe for running out there.

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