Home Chest Workouts Without the Need for Weights

12 Champion Chest Exercises for the Home (No Weights Needed!)

Building a strong chest is essential for both men and women.

By strengthening your chest muscles you help to protect yourself from every day injuries because you put less strain on your back.

Solid chest muscles will help you to be more explosive in a range of exercises and daily activities, and they also help with balance.

The good news is that you don’t need a gym full of specialised equipment for this.

Even though chest exercises with dumbbells can be extremely efficient…

You can sculpt a ripped chest at home with just these two things:

Desire, and these 12 home chest workouts: Read More

Best home workouts

The 10 Best Home Workout Videos on YouTube

Obsessing over free YouTube fitness videos isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it’s a GREAT thing!

Thanks to modern technology, all you need is an internet connection and some space to lay out your workout mat, weights and whatever other fitness accessories you use.

You can thank the internet for the free motivational YouTube workout videos and, of course, the pretty amazing trainers who share their training advice and fitness moves with us.

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How to bulk up your calf muscles

12 Ways to Grow Your Calves

No one is born looking like an absolute beast.

And whilst it can be easier for others to enhance certain muscles in their body, growing big calves can be quite frustrating for the majority of gym go-ers.

We know how to make your calves grow. We can help you with some targeted exercises to strengthen and grow these pesky muscles. We can suggest some training routines, some of the best calf exercises to focus on that area of your growth.

And we can make sure you learn enough about getting bigger calves that you’ll become the resident expert in your local gym.

Genetics may bless some with some incredible lower leg muscles almost effortlessly, but for others it takes serious work to get your calves thicker and bigger.

However, it’s foolish to solely blame genetics – chances are that you just aren’t paying enough attention to your calves.

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