Best whey protein shakes and bars

The Best Whey Protein Powders & Bars

Whey protein; it’s one of the two main proteins found in milk and one of the best sources of protein for your body’s needs.

It absorbs incredibly quickly into your body and goes to work rebuilding those muscle tissues to create stronger, more powerful muscle mass.

But what do you know about it? 

For instance, did you know that even the best whey protein could be one of three different types?

Do you know where natural whey protein can be found?

Don’t worry because we’re going to dissolve some myths, bring in some major knowledge, and infuse your brain with everything you need to know about this miracle protein.

We’re even going to give you our best product recommendations for buying whey protein powders to supplement your diet.

We’re going to cover three different types of whey proteins; whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and whey protein hydrolysate and we’re going to reveal the best tasting protein powders around.

It may sound like gibberish right now, but trust us; you’ll be as knowledgeable as anyone else in the gym by the time we’re done.

Let’s get right into it.


Best Whey Protein Products

ProductProteinCarbsTypeCheck Price
Protein Works Whey Concentrate20.6g1.5gPowderAvailable on Amazon
Check price here
Pink Sun Vegetarian Whey20.5g1.5gPowderAvailable on Amazon
Check price here
MyProtein Impact Whey Isolate23g0.6gPowderAvailable on Amazon
Check price here
Bulk Powders Pure Whey Isolate27g0.6gPowderAvailable on Amazon
Check price here
ON Platinum Hydro Whey Protein27g0.6gPowderAvailable on Amazon
Check price here
PHD Nutrition Diet Whey Bars25g20gBarAvailable on Amazon
Check price here
SCI-MX Nutrition Pro Duo Bars20g23.5gBarAvailable on Amazon
Check price here
MaxiMuscle Promax20g19.3gBarAvailable on Amazon
Check price here

Find out more about all of these products below.

What is Whey Protein Concentrate?

To be frank, you probably will encounter whey concentrate every time you search for any sort of protein powder or bar.

Whey protein concentrate is the most common form of whey that is used in sports supplements and dietary intakes today.

When you filter out the water and casein proteins from milk, you end up with an 80% pure compound of whey protein.

This is the concentrate that is found in nearly every whey product there is.

It forms a smooth, easily dissolvable powder that’s popular for athletes and bodybuilders. It goes down easy and doesn’t clog or clot when making a smoothie.


What is Whey Isolate?

Whey isolate is another form of the popular whey protein. It’s created by taking the concentrate and applying a filtering process called cross-flow micro-filtration.

It removes all the excess from the concentrate like the fats, the lactose sugars, and the cholesterol, leaving you with an over 90% pure form of whey protein.

If you’re looking to maintain a low body fat percentage, or you’re concerned about the lactose in protein powders, whey isolate is a great source of natural protein for you.


What is Whey Protein Hydrolysate?

The last form of whey protein is hydrolysate whey protein. It’s less common than the other forms.

To explain it simply, hydrolysate whey is a whey protein that has been broken down by heat, breaking apart the bonds of amino acids.

And why would you do this? 

This actually speeds up the absorption rate in the body. That might not be worth it when you consider what happens to the whey. Even the best whey protein hydrolysate has a slightly bitter aftertaste, a trade-off for a minimally faster absorption into the body.

Nevertheless, some people prefer the hydrolysed whey because it reduces the chance of allergic reaction to the protein.

Now we’re going to take at each whey protein powder and bar that we included in our table at the start of this post in more detail.


Protein Works Whey Concentrate

Protein Works Whey Concentrate

At the top of our list of product recommendations is a popular chocolate whey protein powder. Or a vanilla whey protein powder, or a strawberry protein powder…

We found that The Protein Works puts out so many different varieties that we can hardly keep up.

Every flavour we’ve found is both delicious and packed with the purest whey concentrate. It’s been formulated to provide your body with a smooth protein that absorbs quickly and easily into the body.

You get almost 20g of whey protein per serving. And that’s whey that goes straight to your hurting muscles, rebuilding those tissues, and providing the necessary amino acids to create denser, stronger muscle mass.

If you’re concerned about caloric intake, this protein is also great for you. It provides less than 100 calories per serving, so you don’t feel like you’ve eaten a complete meal in order to get your body’s complete whey protein needs.

This product is available on Amazon here.


Pink Sun Vegetarian Whey Concentrate

Pink Sun Everyday Casein Protein

We’ve included one of our most recommended brands of whey concentrate on this list, simply because it’s so friendly to your body.

The Pink Sun brand is known for producing whey proteins that never include any added sugars or flavours to your daily needs.

If you’re not concerned about getting a whey protein caramel powder or cookies and cream whey protein, then this is the perfect option for the health-conscious user.

The lack of flavouring doesn’t take away from the over 80% of pure whey proteins you get from one serving. Just one 25g scoop gives you over 20g of pure protein, filtered to its purest form and ready to be absorbed into the body.

Whey protein is already easy to digest, but with this organic and vegetarian form of whey, we’re pretty sure this is the easiest form of protein powder to get into your body that we can find.

You can check out this product here.


MyProtein Impact Whey Isolate

MyProtein Whey protein Review

For one of the best whey protein powder forms that we found, this vanilla whey protein isolate is pretty great on price.

Whey protein isolates can be expensive, which is why we’ve included the MyProtein Impact on our list.

The vanilla taste is just one benefit, though you might be more enticed by the numbers. How does 90% sound? 

That’s right; each scoop of protein powder has over 90% pure whey protein for your body.

That’s an incredible 22g of protein powder for each serving. And you still get less fat and sugar than you might for any other protein powder shake or smoothie.

We’re a fan of creating your very own smoothie, adding oats or a banana to boost the power of this drink.

You could even supplement a meal with how much protein you’re getting from one drink.

Find it on Amazon.


Bulk Powders Pure Whey Isolate

Bulk Powders Protein Powder

Bulk Powders has done it again, producing a high-quality source of whey protein isolate using the very best filtration system. They have extracted all the fats and sugars you don’t want and left you with as pure a whey protein as possible.

You can still get flavours to suit your taste buds as well.

Try the Peaches and Cream whey isolate protein or the banana whey isolate. You’ll get a great tasting protein drink that won’t feel gluggy or sludgy.

With these flavours, you’ll be tempted to skip the workout and head straight for the recovery session afterwards.

The Bulk Powders Pure Whey Isolate provides 27g for each 30g serving.

Frankly, it’s hard to do much better than that in a sports supplement. Even if you’re not engaging in high-performance sports, you can still use this to get your daily intake of protein, perfect for those trying to work a Keto diet or a Paleo lifestyle.

Check the price.


O.N. Platinum Hydro Whey Protein

ON Whey Protein Hydro

If you want your protein as pure as you can get it, look no further. We found that gram for gram, this Platinum Hydrolysate Whey protein (Strawberry flavoured for your convenience) was the most potent form of hydrolysed isolate whey.

You get an astounding 30g of the purest whey protein per serving, and at an extremely fast absorption into the body, it won’t be long before your muscles experience recovery.

This is power-packed with amino acids, including three of the most efficient branched-chain amino acids that have been proven to effectively reduce recovery time and increase muscle mass.

The Optimum Nutrition also includes a good variety of flavours such as Milk Chocolate and Vanilla whey protein hydrolysate.

Available here.


Whey Protein Bars

If you’re like us, you probably value your time and would love to find a way to get your protein intake easier than mixing up a protein shake during the day.

That’s why we love using a whey protein bar to keep with us in the car or to throw in our bag on the go.

It gives you the benefit of whey protein and it’s easier than measuring out powders, mixing up smoothies and washing up stinky bottles left in the back seat for too long.


PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bars

PhD Protein Bar

Part of the reason we love whey protein bars so much is how fast they work in your body.

These PhD Nutrition Whey bars work incredibly quickly, getting absorbed in under 45 minutes. That means quick amino acids to where they’re needed most; your growing muscles.

The PhD brand delivers on its promise of a high-quality whey protein bar. They pack in over 25g of whey protein per bar, and all with under one gram of sugar.

Yes, they taste great, so you don’t have to worry about that. They come in Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Orange flavoured whey.

If you’re at all conscious about your weight, maintaining a healthy life balance, or looking for a good treat to reward yourself during the day, you shouldn’t feel bad about grabbing one of these protein bars.

Check it out here.


SCI-MX Nutrition Pro Duo Bars

Whey protein Bar

This combination bar actually contains different types of whey proteins, offering multiple benefits from each of the different protein sources.

You can get a good amount of protein, 20g per bar, and still stay under your caloric intake for the day. You can feel secure about snacking on this power bar, even after a strenuous workout.

You’ll get the quick action of the whey protein, and you’ll also get a slow-release amino acid serving that keeps working even 8 hours after you’ve eaten it.

But beyond giving you alternative to unhealthy snacking, it serves as a complete sports supplement to those who need the muscle recovery plan on the go.

Keep one in your gym bag, and you’ll never be caught without that boost of high-impact protein right after your drop your last set of weights.

This is available on Amazon right here.


MaxiMuscle Promax Protein Bars

MaxiMuscle Protein Bar

Coming in flavours like Millionaire Shortbread (which is incredible), Blueberry Smoothie, or Vanilla and Almond, these whey protein bars are incredibly tasty and good for you.

The Maximuscle folks have formulated a targeted approach to your muscles, putting 20g of high-energy protein into every bar.

That’s fast-acting whey isolates and concentrates that still taste like you’re indulging your sweet tooth.

You might forget to pack your protein shake bottle in your gym bag, but you’ll never forget to pack the Maximuscle Promax bars.

They’re just too tasty to leave behind.

They’re available here and one of our most recommended products!


To Whey It Up…

You might have walked into this article not knowing the first thing about the high-impact, fast-acting power of whey proteins, but we’re sure that you’ve come out with all the knowledge you’ll need.

Get the edge in your workout, your weight loss, or your food habits with an inclusive whey protein that targets your protein needs.

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