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The Best Tasting Protein Bars 2018

If you’re looking for the best, convenient source of protein while you work your busy day, it can be tough to find.

You could either take a bunch of hard-boiled eggs with you.

You could pre-cook a few chicken breasts to eat during the day.

You could even mix together a protein shake, measuring out the powder, mixing in the ingredients and taking care to wash the bottle afterwards.

But all those options sound time-consuming and difficult. Not at all convenient.

That’s why we have taken the time to find the best tasting protein bars.

So, that’s why we’re such fans of protein bars. We love how much nutrition is packed into the bar. We love the flavours, like chocolate protein bars, coconut protein bars, and even peanut butter chocolate protein bars.

But best of all, it’s extremely easy to enjoy. You simply have to reach for a bar after your workout, when you’re feeling hungry, or if you’ve forgotten to pack your lunch.

Protein bars contain the vital nutrients to refuel your body and keep you on track to achieve your health and body goals.

We’ve compiled a list of our best products in a few different categories.

Are you looking to lose weight? Put on muscle? Maintain a restrictive diet?

We have the solution for you.

Let’s get into our best low carb protein bars, shall we?


The Best Tasting Protein Bars

We’ve heard it all before.

“Protein shakes and powders don’t taste good”

Yes, we agree. It’s hard to find the appropriate powder that fuels you, replenishes your protein, and still tastes great as well.

So, we’ve started our list with a few recommendations of the tastiest protein bars and protein flapjacks that we could find. A couple of these might surprise you.


Aloha Protein Bars

Aloha Plant Based Protein Bar

If you can’t enough of the peanut butter taste, you’re going to love the Aloha range of bars. These plant-based protein bars have enough flavour in them to forget that you’re actually eating these to get healthy.

The protein comes from pumpkin seeds and peas, a natural alternative to other proteins out there. But best of all, it’s incredibly tasty. Love your peanut butter cups? Addicted to Reese’s? Stick to your healthy lifestyle with an Aloha bar instead.

You get 12g of protein with nothing artificial mixed in. Everything inside is 100% food and completely good for you. But believe us, you’ll forget all that when you take one bite.

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Mars Protein

Mars Protein Bar

Did you imagine that we’d only talk about sports supplements? It’s hard to avoid the Mars bars on the shelves as it is. But now you can grab a Mars bar guilt-free when you reach for the Mars Protein.

This healthier version of their popular candy bar is loaded with protein, up to 19g per bar. They packed in the same great taste as well, a flavour that you’ll recognize. You still can enjoy the flavour of caramel and chocolate, just like you’re used to. Now you can enjoy it while getting the benefits of a bar loaded with good quality protein.

This high-energy bar is also our top recommendation as a protein bar for runners. The 200 calories in each bar refuel your empty tanks while powering your muscles with crucial amino acids and protein.

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Battle Oats High Protein Flapjacks

BattleOats Protein Flapjack

Battle Oats has put together a great protein flapjack (muesli bar, granola bar, or cereal bar for our foreign readers) to get you through your day.

When you feel that urge come on to try something tasty, you might be tempted to get a packet of crisps or a chocolate. But did you ever imagine that you could still stay healthy, make good food choices, and still eat something that tastes so good?

The Battle Oats recipe calls for 15g of protein and a high dose of fibre for your body. It might not be the cookie dough protein bar you were craving, but it still tastes great, loaded with berries and natural flavours.

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Best Protein Bars for Weight Loss

We get it. You’re watching your weight. And it’s hard to watch your weight around some of the preworkout supplements out there.

In fact, if you’re not careful, you could be putting protein bars in your mouth that actually cause you to increase your weight. That’s not what you wanted.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the best protein bars after workouts, to grab on the go and still maintain your trim figure.


Maximuscle Promax High Protein Bar

Maxi Muscle Promax Whey

One of the reasons we come back to the Maximuscle brand is their range of flavours. Of all the low carb protein bars out there, we are drawn to the Millionaire Shortbread, the Chocolate Brownie, and the Vanilla and Almond varieties. It’s almost too much good taste to handle.

But you can certainly handle the nutrition value of this bar. You get over 20g of protein per serving. And you still only get 3g of sugar per bar. The rest of the carbs come from high-quality fibre to help boost your performance in the gym.

For a low carb option, we’re incredible fans of what Maximuscle bars mean for your workout and your weight loss.

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Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bar

Grenade High Protein Carb Killa

You’ll find that a quick search for low carb protein bars almost always returns the Grenade brand at the top of the list. Not only do they produce an excellent value low carb bar, they also back up their claims with sales.

It’s one of the most popular protein bars for after workouts there is. And that’s because, although it tastes great, it still only gives you 1g of high-impact carbs and no added sugars. You get 23g of protein, quick acting power to your muscles and only absorb 1.5g of sugar per bar.

If you’re being conscious about weight loss, cutting while also building muscle mass, we strongly recommend keeping one of these bars close at hand for when your hunger strikes.

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Best Protein Bars for Muscle Gain

Protein is the best source of nutrition when you need to build muscle mass. You already know the power of proteins powders like casein and whey to act on your tired muscles. They rebuild torn tissue by releasing crucial amino acids to rebuild the tissue larger and stronger.

That’s why when we speak to people looking to “bulk up”, we always ask what their main source of protein is. Our first recommendation is always a good protein powder or protein shake. But to supplement that, we recommend eating protein bars after workouts, in the car, or even while you watch some late night TV.

Here’s what we found to be the highest impact protein bars for weight gain.


ANSI Gourmet Protein Bar

ANSI high protein gourmet bars

If there was one word we’d like to use to describe these protein bars, it would be “rich”. Not as in, “you have to be rich to buy it”, but more like “these bars are rich in nutrition”.

They are loaded actually with protein, carbs, and fibre. These are the necessary building blocks to gaining muscle mass and bulking up. Each bar comes packed with 20g of fibre, 20g of protein, and only 4g of sugar.

You’re putting on the good weight of muscle mass using those ingredients while keeping off the fats and sugars that can sabotage your efforts.

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Met RX Big 100 Colossal

Met Rx Big Colossal Protein Bar

We only recommend the Big 100 Colossal bars to those who are serious about their muscle growth. And that’s because this is one serious protein bar.

If you’re into building muscle, improving your physique, you just want to look good naked, we recommend the Big 100 for its incredible nutritional quality. Met RX has formulated a bar that is ready with up to 32g of quickly digested protein and an incredible 47g of carbohydrates. If you’re working hard, training hard, you must eat enough to match that passion and drive.

The Big 100 is ready to meet your weight gain needs and gives you the boost of energy to fuel your day.

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The Best Protein Bars for Specific Dietary Requirements

Not every bar is created equal, and that’s why some bars are especially suited to those with specific requirements in their diet.

You might be looking for a dairy-free protein bar or a vegan protein bar. We have those.

You might require a nut-free protein bar if you have severe allergies. We can recommend those too.

We have listed some of the best options for those who need to be careful about their diet and what goes into their bodies.


getbuzzing Nut Free Protein Flapjack

Getbuzzing Protein Flapjack

With nuts being a major source of protein, it can be challenging to find a bar that doesn’t contain even a trace of nuts. If you, or someone around you, suffers from nut allergies, you need to be extremely cautious about eating protein bars.

That’s what the getbuzzing brand has solved. They’ve put out this nut-free protein bar to cater to those who have allergies or intolerances to nuts. Using honey, oats and soy, these bars are formulated to suit your specific needs.

Get access to slow-releasing energy and high-impact fibre in every bite. And be safe doing it with this nut-free protein bar.

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Pulsin Protein Snack

Pulsin Protein Snack Bar

We LOVE the Pulsin brand, and we’ll tell you why. They have covered all the bases when they introduced this protein bar. It’s a vegan protein bar, a soy-free protein bar, and a dairy-free protein bar, all rolled into one.

The protein source comes from cashews, rice protein and pea proteins. They don’t include any casein or whey, both dairy products that can cause issues in those with intolerances. This bar also doesn’t include soy, a popular ingredient for protein bars.

This vegan snack is much more than just a healthy alternative. It’s a great solution to the problem of after workout refuels and cravings. Fill up your body with just the good stuff with this natural source of protein and nutrition.

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On that note, its time to grab a snack…

If you’ve been on the fence about protein bars, we hope this article has solved some of that confusion. It’s the perfect blend of diet food, a healthy source of protein and nutrition, and the perfect way to refuel your body after hard training sessions.

All you have to do is just grab one and you’re good to go.

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