Ketogenic protein powders and bars

The Best Ketogenic Protein Powders & Bars 2019


Why are we congratulating you? Because if you are looking into the world of ketogenics, you’re making the decision to lose weight, gain mental clarity, and improve your general nutrition.

But what’s this?

The supposedly “simple” lifestyle of keto isn’t as easy as it first appeared?

A low carb protein powder is normally ideal for anybody on a ketogenic diet whilst a zero carb protein powder is even better…

There are all these terms and phrases people use in this sphere.

They talk about meeting their macros, fat bombs, maintaining ketosis, plateaus, and many other terms that sound like a whole new language.

One of the best ways to start to apply keto to your normal routine, and to simplify the complex, is to supplement your meals with a keto protein shake.

Part of the purpose of eating this way is increasing your protein and fat intake beyond what you’re normally doing.


The Best Ketogenic Protein Powders

If it’s unlikely that you’re going to get your daily recommended protein intake from natural sources like eggs, fish, meat, or nuts, you need to supplement your intake with the best keto protein shake you can get.

In order to stay in ketosis (when your body burns fat rather than carbs) you have to watch your ingredient list carefully. If you’re on a low or no-carb diet, you want your body to burn fat and not muscle.

While some products might advertise themselves as “keto friendly” or “low carb”, you should pay attention to what else is in there. Sugars might enhance the flavour of a protein powder, but you might have just added around 8-10 more grams of carbs without realising it.

Add some power to your day with the best protein shake for a keto diet.

The aim of the game is to decrease your net carbs to under 20g per day.

And without a good quality low carb protein powder, those carbs can creep up on you.

So, whether you’re simply supplementing your protein intake, or you’re looking to add some muscle during your workouts, a low carb protein shake can really make this transition a lot easier.

We’ve narrowed it down to the best low carb protein powders available on the market now. These keto protein powders should work nicely alongside you keto diet.


MuscleTech NitroTech Protein Shake

MuscleTech Keto Protein

The first problem that you have to deal with in drinking keto shakes is the taste.

Sure, you might save the time it takes you to hard boil a few eggs, but you give up any hope of enjoyment.

That changes with this NitroTech protein powder.

It’s one of the first low-carb versions of a keto protein powder that actually tastes good.

And it won’t even boot you out of ketosis.

The keto chocolate shake actually tastes like chocolate, would you believe it?

But there are tons of protein powders that we tested that taste like something or other.

The reason we added this brand to our list was that you still get great taste without any excess carbs in the form of sugars. Other types of powders use lots of sugar to sweeten their powder, making it palatable.

MuscleTech uses natural sweeteners that are friendly to your low-carb lifestyle.

In one scoop of this powder, you only get 3g of carbs to a whopping 30g of protein.

That’s a good deal in our book.

You can get a great deal on this product on Amazon here.


Nature’s Plus KetoSlim Protein Powder

Nature's Slim Keto Protein Powder

Nature’s Plus seems to understand their market when they introduced this Ketoslim protein powder. They get it when they claim to be one of the best keto friendly powders you can buy.

That’s because you only get 2g of carbs per scoop to 23g of protein. If you’re maintaining a 20g carb limit, that’s only 10% of your daily allowance while still remaining in that fat-burning stage.

But the real benefit here is the lack of sugar. That’s right, there’s no sugar added to the powder, making it extremely good for you on the go. Simply mix up a bottle and have it on the go when you need a boost of protein during the day.

The vanilla taste was pretty good too because we aren’t extremely fond of tasteless protein powder.

Taste is what will keep you on the protein powder shake train without feeling tempted to grab a Snickers for that mid-afternoon hunger pang.

This is available here.


Isopure Low-Carb Isolate Protein Powder

Isopure Keto Protein

While being advertised as a lean muscle mass growth aid, the Isopure protein powder is an excellent choice for your ketogenic lifestyle. If you’re hitting the weights, or if you simply want to lose the weight, we strongly recommend picking up a tub of this Isopure protein powder.

For one, we were absolutely blown away by the amount of protein contained in 2 x 30g scoops. You’ll ingest an impressive 51g of pure whey protein from this powder.

It doesn’t mess around, it doesn’t add fillers, and you won’t lose your ketosis status from the less than 2g of carbs in those scoops.

We love the balance of the macronutrients in this powder, a factor that you’ll certainly appreciate as well.

The protein/carb ratio is well within the recommended guidelines for anybody living a ketogenic life.

It is a whey protein powder, so those who suffer from any sort of intolerance to lactose might want to steer clear. But that’s why we also included the next of our product recommendations.

Available here.


NOW Foods Eggwhite Protein Powder

Egg White Ketogenic Protein

In all the protein powders we come across, it’s rare to find one that is so friendly to a lactose-free diet while remaining effective as well.

It seems that many people give up a good balance of nutrients to achieve a lactose-free, keto life.

You don’t have to do that with this egg white protein powder put out by NOW Foods.

If you are struggling to find the best keto protein shake for your life, we’ve got the solution.

The eggwhite version keeps your net carbs under 1g per serving. It still gives you up to 16g of protein in a convenient shake on the go from a 20g scoop.

There’s no significant sugar or fat content to worry about. It’s mainly a lactose-friendly version of a protein powder that you’ll enjoy.

Check the latest price here.


Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

Lean Protein Powder

Nuzest has put out a Clean Lean Protein powder that you’re sure to love.

The reason we included it on our highly-exclusive list is because of the flavour options.

Yes, that’s right. Flavours, as in multiple choices for taste.

You can get Smooth Vanilla, Creamy Cappuccino, Wild Strawberry, or our favourite, the Rich Chocolate for a velvety, yummy keto chocolate shake.

And we love this because, no matter what flavour you’re partial to, you’ll still enjoy the great benefits of a healthy, low carb protein powder shake fit for keto diets.

You’ll be amazed that, in spite of the great taste of this powder, you still only get less than a gram of carbs per serving. And in a 25g size that offers you 21g of protein, that’s a pretty good deal.

Available here.


The Best Ketogenic Protein Bars

Don’t have the time to whip up that low carb protein shake? We get it. Life gets in the way, and you need something on the go.

You don’t have to cheat on your new lifestyle. You can still get that added protein without the hassle of making the shake.

Grab a protein bar so that you aren’t tempted to eat something high in carbs or loaded with sugar.

It gets you through those humps in your day when you would normally turn to something less healthy.

If you need that instant hit of protein to fill up your 3pm cravings, the best keto protein bars are here for you.

We’ve put our top three product recommendations for the brands you should keep with you whenever the feeling of hunger hits.

Stay on top of your stomach with these convenient options.


Grenade Carb Protein Bars

Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bars

If you’ve seen our picks of the best casein protein bars, you’ll know that we’re big fan of the Grenade Carb Killa bars here at Tubby Gorilla.

We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again. They always deliver.

There’s a reason why they’re so highly rated, not only by us, but by people all over the world.

We love the Grenade Carb Killas for their quality protein and low-impact carb content.

As well as the good nutritional values they boast, they taste nice too.


Grab these bars on Amazon here.


Atkins Cookie and Cream Protein Bars

Atkins Keto Protein Bars

Our next choice for a keto friendly protein bar is the Atkins brand.

Many see the Atkins diet as the precursor to the keto diet, so the food is already tailor-made for those who want to limit their carb intake.

Each bar contains less than 2g of carbohydrate while only giving you 1.1g of sugar per bar.

That’s pretty good considering these protein bars taste great.

They come in Cookies and Cream, a flavour which we first thought impossible considering the low sugar count.

If anything, this bar gives you the perfect excuse to have an afternoon snack.

It doesn’t knock you out of ketosis, and it certainly won’t hurt to fight those hunger cravings.

Check these out here.


Ansi Gourmet Protein Bars

Ansi Keto Bar

Made from a gut-friendly tapioca flour, the ANSI bar is another one of our best products to keep you in keto-friendly territory.

Be warned, the packaging does say 26g of carbs on the nutrition label.

Don’t be fooled into thinking those are bad carbs, this is a common misconception.

The majority of those carbs are fibre, a healthy, keto-friendly part of the lifestyle you’re living.

In fact, you’re only getting 4g of impact carbs per bar.

Not the best we’ve seen, but still an excellent alternative to getting a sugar-loaded chocolate bar.

You will also get a massive 20g of pure protein from each bar, making these one of the most protein-dense bars we found.

These are available on Amazon here.


What is Ketosis?

We’ve summed this up already above, but we wanted to explain what ketosis is and the benefits of a ketogenic diet.

Ketosis is when your body gets energy from your fat and not carbohydrates.

If you’re looking to lose weight and gain lean muscle, entering into a ketogenic diet and remaining in ketosis will help.

When you deprive your body of carbs, your body will look for energy from fat or muscle. We want the fat to be used and not the muscle.

You’ve worked hard to build your muscle, you want to keep it, so ketosis encourages your body to target the fat.

Less fat and more muscle, that’s what we’re aiming for, and ketosis helps us get there.


The Best Foods for a Ketogenic Diet

You’ll probably be able to figure this out, but if you’re going for more protein and less carbs, the foods for a ketogenic diet should be high protein, low carbs.

Of course you still want to maintain a healthy diet, so getting plenty of vegetables and fruit, and fibre to keep things moving along (if you know what I mean) is still important.

You’ll still need to get some good fats into your body too for your body to use up.

We recommend plenty of lean meat and low carb vegetables, such as sprouts, broccoli, kale, and cauliflower. Try to avoid high-starch vegetables such as beets and potatoes.

If you’re not quite sure which meat is best, go for grass-fed meats such as beef and lamb. However, all meats are high in protein and low in carbs.

Get plenty of eggs and if you’re looking for a snack try one of the keto-bars we’ve listed above.


Final Thought on Ketogenic Powders & Bars

Just because you’ve chosen to live a ketogenic life does not mean that you should suffer a lack of options.

You can still get the most out of your diet with these friendly options to boost your protein intake.

Don’t stress about your macros.

You can still get all the nutrients you need, lose weight, feel great, and never feel like you’re missing out with the best keto protein bars and shakes.

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