Best weightlifting youtube channels

10 of the Best Weightlifting YouTube Channels 2019

Whether you are new to lifting or not, sometimes you could use a little help from someone who knows what they are talking about.

Newbies and experienced weightlifters can benefit from a helping hand.

More and more people are teaching themselves how to lift rather than paying for a personal trainer, after all, if the information is readily available for free online them why bother paying for it?

For that reason we have decided to list 10 of the top weightlifter’s youtube channels, to give you guidance and support.

Some even offer nutritional advice, so you might learn something new in terms of diet.

With some using pre-workouts to help maximise their workouts, you may find that they could help you.

It is absolutely crucial that you focus on form when lifting. If you are lifting with bad form you are making yourself prone to injuries.

So make sure you focus on form, these guys will tell you in their videos anyway.


Best Weightlifting YouTubers

Marc Fitt

Marc Fitt is a popular man when it comes to weightlifting, he has created videos which will help almost everybody that is interested in lifting.

He is a personal trainer and a sponsored athlete, so you shouldn’t have any worries when it comes to taking his advice.

His videos are suited to complete beginners and people who are already quite far into weightlifting.

He helps in all different types of areas, check out his videos and see if you learn anything.

Here is a video that is directed at newbie weightlifters, to help with stretching:

Mike Thurston

This guy has created so many videos to help in every aspect of training, lifting and dieting.

He can help you to reach your goal, answering questions on cutting and bulking, lifting and form. He also highlights common mistakes people do when lifting and shows the proper form and best way to reduce the risk of injuries.

If you follow this guy, you are sure to gain some knowledge and definitely some muscle.

Mike has dedicated videos for training certain muscle groups, you may pick up some exercises to add to your own routine, or can follow his.

Check out his videos:


Zero to Hero Muscle

If you are looking for specific muscle exercises then Zero to Hero Muscle should have a video you can benefit from.

With discussions about nutrition, exercises and a mixture of home workouts and gym workouts, this channel should be suitable for all.

Ideal for beginners through to intermediate weightlifters.

If you’re not so interested in the tutorial videos then find out about proteins, form and weightlifting myths.

Find a video below:


Jeremy Ethier

Everybody should take a look at Jeremy’s channel, he focuses on the science when it comes to weightlifting.

He provides science-based training and nutritional videos to help you reach your goals and become a better version of yourself.

He has a lot of comparison videos and helps with bad form, suggesting ways to fix them.

You’ll find ways to work muscles properly and gain mass.

Check out one of his videos below:


Scott Herman Fitness

With hundreds of videos that get straight to the point, you’ll definitely pick up some handy tips and tricks from Scott.

Uploading 2 videos a week, you’ll be kept up-to-date too.

Scott offers advice on how to grow muscles, ways to reduce pain associated with lifting and live questions and answers.

Ideal for beginners right up to experienced lifters.

Check out this video:


Muscle & Strength

Muscle & Strength have uploaded loads of videos to help you along your journey, helping you to build muscle, burn fat and stay motivated.

They have so many videos, offering home workouts and gym workouts. Focussing on certain muscle groups and form.

Their channel also includes weightlifting videos for women.

Offering advice and nutritional information to keep your diet on track, as well as your workout.

They even have some high-protein recipe videos.

Check out their channel:


V Shred

With a range of videos helping to build muscle in all areas of the body, healthy snack ideas and common gym mistakes, this channel has a lot to offer.

Some weightlifting videos and some bodyweight exercises to build muscle.

If you workout at home and have little equipment than you can still build muscle with this channel.

Check out the video below:


Jim Stoppani, PhD

Jim is well recognised for his training, nutrition and dietary supplements. He has many supplement reviews so you know which would be best for you.

He has years of experience and shares a lot in his videos.

Teaching the more advanced weightlifting exercises.

He answers questions that people ask all the time, some that may even sound stupid.

Check out his videos:



They have a variety of videos suitable for everybody, no matter what your goal is.

From full body workouts to free fitness programmes to follow.

Ideal for any fitness level, learn how to weight lift properly.

They also offer free diet plans to ensure you reach your goals properly.

Find a video below:


Buff Dudes

These brothers work out wherever they can and they show you how to as well.

Offering advice on nutrition and ways to squeeze in that exercise when you are busy.

They use both weights and bodyweight routines to stay fit and sometimes make their own equipment.

These guys may be able to help you with your routine and keep you motivated in staying fit.

Check them out:


So there we have it, 10 of our favourite weightlifting YouTubers.

Beginners should be able to pick up a lot of stuff about form, routines and nutrition from these, others should still pick up some new stuff and maybe find a new routine to follow.

We hope you find these channels useful and start reaching your goals.

Let us know who is your favourite below.

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