Improve Health in Office

How to Improve Health in the Office – Life-Changing Work Hacks

Do you know what is alarming?

The fact that all around the world, there are over 1 billion overweight adults.

And to shock you, even more, at least 300 million are classed as clinically obese.

Obesity, all around the world, has more than doubled since the 80’s.

But why?

Shockingly, fast food is cheaper and more convenient than fresh produce.

Office jobs are taking over.

For many, exercise is becoming a thing of the past.

It is now all about; video games, movies and social media.

So, we’ve decided to provide tips to help improve overall health whilst working in an office:

Improve Health in Office Workplace

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Let’s get back to basics!

Drink at least 1 litre of water a day.

Everybody knows this.

But, how many actually do it?

By simply cutting back on fizzy drinks and replacing it with fresh water, you will save you some calories per day.

Or maybe, you buy an extra large cappuccino with added syrup daily?

Replace it with a standard coffee.

Or even, try a decaffeinated green tea.

Simple changes can do a whole lot of good.

We’ve all had that feeling at 3pm, where you just need food.

So what do we do?

We indulge in crisps and sugary snacks.

Taking your own fresh snacks to work can help a lot.

Being prepared for that 3pm hunger pang is essential.

To satisfy that sweet craving, try natural Greek yoghurt with fresh berries.

Or add peanut butter to your banana if you feel extra hungry.

One thing a lot of us are bad at is maintaining good posture.

Good posture prevents muscle aches and muscle fatigue.

It keeps your bones and joints in proper alignment so you use your muscles more efficiently, preventing strain and overuse.

Find time to have some ‘me time’ in your busy day.

Relax the mind at least once a day

Try apps like Headspace, Aura or Calm to help relax your mind and prevent stress.



Looking for ways to improve your fitness levels whilst working in an office?

There are simple steps, quite literally, that can be taken to help with your overall fitness levels.

Ask your employer to provide things like a stand-up workstation.

We all know standing is better for us than sitting, and it burns more calories.

Or you could try an under the desk treadmill or bike.

These are good.

When you are busy, you get distracted with completing the task.

So by having one of these under your desk, you wouldn’t even notice when your legs are starting to burn from exercising.

They will help to keep you active and even tone legs.

Set yourself a daily step count, make sure it is achievable.

Buy a pedometer and get walking.

Eventually, you will be able to challenge yourself to reach higher step counts.

Get out on your breaks, take a brisk walk in the park.

Being stuck in the office can take its toll, so by getting some fresh air you are also helping to prevent stress.

Park further away or even walk to work (if it’s possible).

If it isn’t possible, park a few blocks away from work each day.

Every little helps!

Do you have a meeting coming up?

Suggest a conference walk with colleagues, boost staff morale.

Try active team building activities, if possible.

Remember, stand and stretch every hour for five minutes.



There are some daily exercises that all can do when working in an office.

Instead of walking up the stairs, run up the stairs for as long as you can.

When you need a five-minute break, pace the room.

There are even some effective exercises that can be carried out whilst sitting.

Try chair twists or leg raises whilst sitting.

Every time you go to sit down, turn it into a chair squat.

Also, try inner thigh squeezes (place a thick book in between the thighs and squeeze).

When you find your mind wandering, do some shoulder shrugs and roll your neck.


It’s time for a change

Become more active in your role as an office worker.

Small changes can make a big difference.

Try a few of our tips and see how you get on.

Hey! You might even feel more energised and motivated.

Let’s try and tackle obesity together.

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