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6 of the Best Yoga YouTubers 2019

Yoga is becoming more and more popular these days.

It is great for a low-impact workout and helps to promote flexibility within the body.

Not only this, it is known to relax individuals and even put them in touch with their spiritual side.

People are instantly put off by yoga as they assume it is boring and slow.

But, that isn’t so true. Yoga can, in fact, help to build strength and balance.

Many people have started to join in with yoga, including weightlifters. Yoga provides many benefits to weightlifters.

This is because it has many benefits, it improves posture, increases blood flow, strengthens the bones and joints and prevents joint breakdown.

Yoga can be practised anywhere, little or no equipment is needed.

We’ve found 6 of the best yoga YouTube videos to help you learn and reap in the benefits associated with yoga.

As long as you have the patience, you will easily pick up yoga.

It is great for those who are experiencing injuries as it is a completely low impact regime. Even if you’re not suffering with – or recovering from – an injury, low impact exercises offer many benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite yoga YouTube channels that will help to teach you the ropes.


Yoga with Adriene

Adriene teaches yoga for all levels, so don’t panic if you are a complete newbie. She will take you from newbie to advanced.

Helping to tone and trim and relax the body and mind, she will help you find time for yourself and body.

Whether you need to relieve a tired mind or calm your mind, she can help you to achieve this.

She has dedicated videos for all; seniors, gardeners, nurses, climbers and even for when you are travelling.

Learn with her complete beginner videos to advanced poses videos.

We recommend you start with her video ‘Yoga for Complete Beginners’:


Yoga by Candace

Candace is an international yoga instructor that has created hundreds of videos to help beginners and all other levels to advance in yoga.

Her videos range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, so even if you’re short for time you can still squeeze in a quick 15-minute yoga session.

With videos targetted at different areas of the body and some to relieve tight muscles, you should be well on your way with getting the perfect yoga poses.

There are morning workouts to get you ready for the day, yoga in bed and many more to take a look at.

We recommend starting with her video ’15 Minute Morning Yoga to Wake Up’:


Sarah Beth Yoga

With free yoga videos uploaded each week, you will have plenty of tutorials to learn.

They focus on helping you to stretch, strengthen, tone and de-stress.

Videos last between 5-35 minutes so they are very quick and straight to the point.

There’s a range of videos for beginners and different types of yoga such as power yoga, prenatal yoga, meditation and vinyasa¬†yoga.

These videos are ideal for beginners through to intermediate.

We recommend starting with her video ’20 Minute Yoga for Flexibility’:


Brett Larkin Yoga

If you are looking to learn vinyasa yoga and meditation then you will find loads of helpful tutorials on Brett’s channel.

Suitable for everybody, beginners and super advanced will find a video they can follow.

Not only does Brett teach vinyasa yoga, but she has a variety of different yoga classes as well.

With videos teaching power yoga, hatha yoga, meditation and many more.

A good video to start with is ‘Power Yoga Workout’:


Yoga TX

Get that more personalised experience¬†with YogaTX’s videos, they teach yoga as if they were teaching a private lesson.

There’s a range of certified yoga instructors that film and teach their yoga styles.

Offering a wide range of styles such as yoga for beginners, yoga for sleep, weight loss and relaxation.

With videos that focus on specific body parts such as tightening the core to full body yoga.

Suitable for beginners up to advanced.

We like the video ‘Full Body Stretch Yoga’:


Yoga with Kassandra

Find specific tutorials for yin yoga and vinyasa flow with Kassandra.

She has other videos offering different styles of yoga classes, suitable for all levels.

Learn the different styles of yoga confidently and get in touch with your inner self.

Kassandra has made videos of yin yoga that are dedicated to a certain muscle group too.

There is something for everybody on this channel, take a look through the videos and you’ll definitely find something of interest.

A good place to start is ‘Yin Yoga for Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back Tension Relief’:


So there you have it, 6 of the best yoga channels on YouTube (in our opinion).

We know that with the help of these instructors you can go from beginner to advanced in no time.

You will feel the benefits of yoga almost right away, feeling more relaxed and at peace of mind.

You may lose some weight, tone up and build strength with yoga.

Maybe you could even become a yoga instructor in the next couple of years.

Let us know how you get on in your yoga journey by leaving a comment below.

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