Best Strongman YouTube Channels

8 of the Best Strongman YouTube Channels 2019

Working out to become a strongman can be difficult. I’ll rephrase…working out to be a strongman is difficult. But it is highly rewarding.

Strongman training is the way forward, that is how you’re going to build functional strength.

Whether you want to pull huge weights or cars from one side to another, hoist immense weights in the form of deadlifts or lift massive atlas stones, you’ll need to train like a strongman first.

Strongman training is a great way to train the whole body, you will build power all over the body.

We’ve filtered through YouTube to find the 10 of the best strongman channels to give you help with your workouts, nutrition and other factors you need to consider.

There are many benefits of training like a strongman.

Similar to powerlifting, strongman training consists of compound lifts that work multiple muscle groups.

This meaning, you’re overall hormone secretion is higher.

Not only this, you will build explosive strength throughout your body and boost your cardiovascular system.

Strongman training can be fun and interesting, you can literally use anything to help you train and gain overall strength.

Tyre flipping is a good functional exercise that will benefit the whole body.

Let’s take a look at some of the best strongman videos on YouTube:


The Best Strongman YouTube Channels

Brian Alsruhe

Brian teaches you how to implement strongman training into your usual training regime.

He gives advice and offers alternative exercises for those who want to practice strongman training at home.

He also gives you advice on how to get training tools that you can use to make your own equipment.

Brian is one of our favourites, he solves all problems whilst talking about how effective the exercises are.

He makes it possible to start strongman training.


Furious Pete

There are 3 parts to this How To Be the World’s Strongest Man video, giving advice on deadlifts, shakes and training tips.

The second part is about treatment, shopping and meals, choosing the right foods and consuming enough calories.

And finally, part three is all about event training.

All Furious Pete’s videos should give you a good insight and knowledge into strongman training.



Bodybuilding have created this video that focusses on the top 5 strongman exercises.

Giving you tips on how to do them, with alternative ways to get involved for people who work out in the gym.

These exercises are sure to build explosiveness, power and strength, a perfect way to start when training to be a strongman.

If you can nail these 5 exercises, you are definitely on the right tracks.

Give them a go, just be careful not to overdo it and injure yourself.


Chandler Marchman

Chandler talks about his experiences when strongman training.

He built explosiveness, power, overall strength and more.

He decided to create this video to help you become a bigger, stronger person and get you on the right tracks for strongman training.

Giving exercises that will help you along your way. All the exercises can be done in a gym and will all contribute to your training.


Pro Strongman Davis Diley

Davis Diley speaks about the foundations you need before even starting to train like a strongman.

So, if you are completely new to this then you definitely need to listen to what he has got to say.

He covers the foundations for beginning, competing and equipment.

You should find value in this video hence why we are recommending it.


Diet & Nutrition for Stongman Training

Strongman training is great for the body, building explosiveness, power and strength.

But, as with all kinds of physical training, you need to consider the diet and nutrition aspect.

Simply, if you want to become stronger, you need to eat more.

Strongmen eat tons of calories, but this is dependent on your goal.

So we have decided to add in some videos that show and discuss what a typical strongman consumes in one day.


Brian Shaw

You will see a breakdown of a full day of cooking and eating from Brian.

He holds the world’s strongest man title (x4).

Consuming more than 9000 calories per day.

Would you be up to this?


Brian Alsruhe

Back to Brian Alsruhe, who typically eats different compared to other strong men.

He focusses on a leaner diet, with fewer carbs.

He knows what works for him and isn’t interested in gaining any more mass.

He reveals his day-to-day diet in this video:


Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall known as ‘The Beast’ is an English strongman.

He talks about what he eats on a day-to-day basis, consuming around 12,500 calories per day.

It seems like you have to commit quite a lot of your day to eat this amount of calories.

Check out what he eats in this video:


Strongman training takes time and consistency, you need to build the foundations before you start training like a strongman.

This will help to prevent injuries and help you to keep progressing.

It is also important to consider your diet, as we have seen strongmen eat at least 9000 calories.

You would probably need a dietician for this, to ensure you are eating the right foods.

We hope this post has helped and you have picked up on some tips to get you started.

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