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The Best Grip Strengthener for Hands of Steel in 2019

So, you’re looking to become a superhero?

We can only assume that’s what you’re intending since that’s the number one trait that all superheroes seem to have; incredible grip strength.

And it’s an admirable challenge to take on.

If you want to learn how to improve grip strength, we’re here to educate you and help you find the best hand gripper for you.

Is it as simple as buying a cheap hand squeezer? Or would you better off with the best hand strengthener money can buy.

And why would you want to learn about grip strength? Many athletes see improvement in their performance from improved forearm strength. For example, rock climbers use their upper body to do the majority of their lifting.

Using forearm strengtheners allows them to speed up their ascent and get better holds on their climbs.

But even if you’re not a rock climber, you can still benefit from improving your health and muscles in your arms. You can prevent stress in your forearms and wrists, open pickle jars faster, and grip your hockey sticks more firmly.

But no matter what you’re seeking, we have the options for you. We’re going to discuss the many varieties of the best adjustable grip strengthener that we’ve found online.

Let’s get into some of the options you’ll find online, and their benefits to your overall improvement.

The Benefits of Hand Grippers

Think of your muscles as a chain reaction. If every link in your chain is the same strength, you can accomplish much more. But if even one link is weaker, it affects the performance overall.

That’s what it’s like to have a weak grip. You can’t do as many weights. You can’t perform as many pull-ups. You can’t even pull off a decent handshake.

Your hands are literally the last link in the chain of your muscle strength.

When you improve your hand grip, you’re improving your ability to perform in every other area of your life.

Hand grippers allow you to test and improve the strength of your wrists, fingers, and forearms. Think of all the movements that involve some form of grip strength. Lifting bags, carrying planks of wood, squeezing lemons, typing, and holding on to your suitcases all involve the mobility of your hands and forearms.

That’s what you’ll notice when you use hand grippers. You’ll see that every motion, every movement, and every exercise is easier and feels better. Grip strengtheners are ideal for home gyms.


Captains of Crush

Captains of crush hand grippers

One of the titans of the hand grippers market is the Captains of Crush brand of hand grippers. They come with a lot of background as well.

The Captains of Crush grippers come pre-prepared for whatever skill level you’re at. They start as low as the rehab stage of resistance, for those recovering from injuries and sickness. They then go all the way up to the strong man wanting to get serious about deadlifts and major bodybuilding movements.

From as little as 60lbs of resistance all the way up to 365lbs for the manliest of men, you can create an entire set suited to what you want to achieve.

And this brand also comes with accessories such as the Silver Bullet, a disc that you suspend between your hand grippers, holding as long as you can until your grip loosens and the disc falls. Test and challenge yourself to do better each time you pick the grippers.

They are commonly referred to as the best hand strengtheners for improving grip strength. However, their coarse grip can also be slightly uncomfortable for some users.

Check the latest price of Captains of Crush on Amazon here.


Heavy Grips

Heavy grips hand gripper

Another competitor in the field is the Heavy Grips hand grippers. If you’re looking to compare the two different models, in the Captains of Crush vs. Heavy Grips battle, it really comes down to personal preference.

The Heavy Grips set goes up in an orderly fashion, with different models increasing in 50lb resistance levels.

We love that the entire set of grips, including the most powerful strengthener at 350lbs, is quite cheap. It’s a good set to collect to start to move from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

Because most first-time users advance quickly, we advise that you buy at least a couple different options for your first purchase. When you’re ready to move up in strength, you have the next gripper ready in your set.

Check the latest price of Heavy Grips here.



Gripmaster hand gripper

When you think about hand grips, you probably just imagine the standard coiled spring to give that torque strength you’re familiar with.

This model is different. Very different. And that’s why we love it.

It offers you a variation on the standard model and targets your individual finger strength as well as the standard grip strengthener you’re looking for.

The variation between the models is very different. Because you’re specifically targeting your fingers, you move in a range of 3lbs for beginners all the way to 9lbs for experienced grips.

And why would you need to train your finger strength?

Certain skills require improved finger strength, such as advanced martial arts using weapons or rock climbers wanting to take advantage of every finger hold they can find on the wall.

Check the latest Gripmaster price here.


Gripmaster Pro

Gripmaster Pro Hand Gripper

If you’re serious about improving your finger strength for highly specialised tasks, we have something to offer you. The Gripmaster Pro is the advanced form of finger and hand strengthener.

If you’re getting into heavy training with martial arts, if you’re looking to gain the edge on your fellow rock climbers, if you’re in the military or law enforcement, you would appreciate the advanced stages of the Gripmaster Pro. Even medical practitioners, people who depend on the health of their hands to save lives could use this miracle machine.

You can choose from an average 7lb resistance all the way up to an extremely difficult 13lb resistance per finger.

Improve your form, your function, and your muscle memory with this finger training tool.

View the latest Gripmaster Pro prices.


Best Adjustable Hand Exerciser

Tomshoo adjustable hand strengthener

Once you start to take on a task that repeatedly uses your hands, you quickly understand how crucial it is to have a good grip. That’s what Tomshoo had in mind when they crafted the adjustable hand exerciser.

Now you can dial up and own your resistance, depending on your ability. There’s no need to purchase more than one set of grippers when you can simply twist the knob to increase the power.

Go from 22-88lbs of resistance in one simple turn, and you can work on your hand, forearm, and wrist mobility.

It’s perfect for rehabilitation, for sporting, or for musicians wanting to improve their playing ability.

It’s not for extreme strength training, but it will quickly help regain the grip you once had from an injury.

Save yourself from carpal tunnel, broken wrist injuries, sprains, tennis elbow, and tendinitis with one tool.

You can check the price of the Tomshoo adjustable grip strengtheners by clicking here.


Finger Master Hand Strengthener

Finger Master Hand Strengthener

One of the reasons we love this (and the main reason we put it on our list), is because you can use each of the 5 pistons, and cater them to your fingers’ requirements. You can use any combination of grip strengths and train each finger according to its requirements.

Other finger strengtheners use the same resistance for each finger, but what if you need to train a specific set of fingers? Musicians, magicians, athletes, and martial artists will appreciate the individual training pistons.

You can simply twist the torsion adjuster to get a different resistance. You can also lock the pistons if you only want to train two, three, or four fingers. The combinations of these grips are endless.

Recover quickly from injury and spare yourself the pain of performance by strengthening your individual grips today.

View the latest Finger Master price here.


Sidewinder Pro Xtreme Forearm and Grip Strengthener

Sidewinder pro forearm gripper

At first glance, you might not understand how the Sidewinder works. It’s so different from any other grip strengthener we’ve included. But once you understand the twisting motion, you’ll be hooked on improving your forearm and wrist strength.

The Sidewinder operates by using adjustable torsion strength. You take the tube and twist it between your hands. That twisting motion can be dialled up or down, depending on your individual range of motion and improvement needs.

Work your overhand strength, your forearm grip, and your wrist mobility with a simple twisting motion.

Because it operates differently from any other hand grippers, you’re working different muscles to get improve your overall definition and mobility.

Sportgrips SideWinder Pro, Forearm and Grip Strengthener #2


GD Iron Grip

GD iron grip

Now to our last addition on the list. We’re introducing a mobile, adjustable grip strengthener that we’ve found to be among the best adjustable grip strengthener.

For one, the grip resistance can be modified to suit a range of 55lbs to 198lbs, all with the one set of grips. And that’s not just from the adjustable lever. You can also extend the length of the grips, making it more difficult to squeeze together.

Because your hand strength exercises aren’t going to remain on one resistance, we prefer this GD Iron Grip because it’s all you’ll need to go from grip newbie to grip guru. Climb more rock walls, lift more grocery bags, play more piano (even if you couldn’t before) from an improved grip strength.

View the latest price.


Now we’ve got to grips with that…

Once you start to notice that your hand doesn’t tire as easily, that you can manage more weights in your workouts, and that can easily hold heavy things for longer periods, you’ll appreciate just how much grip strength matters in your life.

We’ve included what we believe are the best options for a complete work-out, recovery, or improvement of your hand, wrist and forearm strength.

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