Weight loss gift ideas

The Best Gift Ideas for Weight Loss

Let’s be honest here.

Buying a weight loss gift as a present can be pretty risky business.

Unless of course, the person has asked for something to help encourage their weight loss.

Nevertheless, it’s got the potential to be an awkward one.

What if they didn’t actually mean it when they asked for a gift to aid their weight loss?

Even if you were persuaded by them to buy a weight loss gift they could still take it completely the wrong way when they unwrap your weight loss motivational gift.

Don’t fret.

We’ve got you covered on the gifts that will be deemed acceptable for anybody wanting to lose weight.

We have listed some more subtle gift ideas for people wanting to lose weight, whereas some are just completely obvious.

Some people may only need to make subtle changes to their lifestyle to lose those extra few pounds they have gained.

Whereas, others may need to revamp their whole lifestyle.

We have listed from essential gifts for people losing weight to the funniest diet gifts.

You’re sure to find the perfect gift ideas for losing weight below.


Best Gift Ideas for Weight Loss

Fitbit Charge 2

Best Gifts for Fitness

The Fitbit Charge 2 is the perfect gift for weight loss.

This all-day activity tracker is an essential piece of equipment for anybody who is trying to lose weight or track their activity.

It is available in a variety of colours, so there is one for everybody.

Looking for a different fitness tracker? Take a look at our guide on the best fitness trackers.

It monitors and tracks your heart rate automatically from the wrist strap.

This Fitbit tracks steps, calories burned, floors climbed and so much more.

Not only that, it has auto-sleep tracking, providing a summary of how well you slept and for how long.

With the built-in feature of a silent vibrating alarm, allowing you to wake more naturally.

This device is quite smart, it automatically recognises certain exercises like running and then records them in the Fitbit app.

With the option to connect your Fitbit with your GPS on your phone, it tracks real-time stats like pace, distance and records the route on your map.

This tracker is an all-round winner, helping to track and motivate people into succeeding in their weight loss journey.

Known to be one of the top weight loss motivation gifts.

This is a fairly large investment for a gift, but it’s one of the best you could possibly give.

You can look for the best price on Amazon here.


York Dumbbell Set

Home Gym Dumbbells

This York Fitness dumbbell set comes with 3 pairs of weights, ranging from 1.5kg-5kg, and a handy stand to keep them organised.

Adding weights to exercise helps to burn extra fat.

They also help to tone the body, these dumbbells can be used in various ways to tackle those bingo wings or muffin tops.

In terms of weight loss, building muscle and toning, they are a must-have.

By combining these weights with your everyday walking, they will make a huge positive impact.

These make the essential gift for weight loss.

These are available here.


Hi-Performance Treadmill

Running Machine for Weight Loss

The perfect way to help with weight loss…

Getting more active, whether that’s by walking more or even jogging will help with weight loss, motivation and alertness.

This treadmill comes with a monitor which tracks speed, calories, distance and time.

It also has the ability to incline, helping to vary workouts.

With 3 different programme modes, it is sure to aid in weight loss.

The best part…it folds away for storage.

Available here.


Pro-Works Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope

This Pro-Works speed rope is a must-have jump rope and one of the best pieces of cheap cardio equipment you can buy.

Skipping is known for its incredible cardio exercise, as well as conditioning and fat loss exercise.

This lightweight skipping rope is a quick and easy way to incorporate extra cardio into your lifestyle.

It is small enough to carry anywhere.

Going away for the weekend and don’t want to throw your training routine off?

Take this jump rope.

Never be short of exercise and learn how to be involved in HIIT (High-Intensity-Interval-Training).

Pick one of these up for a low price here.


George Foreman 4 Portion Grill

George Foreman Large Grill

Do you want a gift idea that will get you loads of recognition?

Then look no further.

This sleek George Foreman 4 portion grill is what anybody trying to lose weight needs.

This is a quick and easy way to cook healthy foods for everybody.

It grills poultry and fish, whilst removing the excess fats.

It is ideal for cooking low-fat snacks such as vegetables.

With the option to elevate the grill, it can be used as a sandwich press or it can melt your cheese on your burgers.

Not only this, it is easy to clean and store.

Who wouldn’t want a George Foreman as a gift?!

Check the latest prices here.


Digital Food Scales

Weighing Scales

Food scales are important for ensuring you have the right portion size of foods.

By measuring and weighing foods, you ensure you’re not accidentally overindulging.

Meaning, you can keep track of exactly how much you are eating.

These sleek Criacr digital scales measure and weigh food accurately and quickly.

Available here.


Salter Bathroom Scales

Bathroom Scales

You might need to be on very good terms not to offend with this gift, but it’s a good one.

These ultra slim, sleek, Salter bathroom scales are an essential for somebody wanting to lose weight.

Not only do they weigh you, they calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), they measure your body fat percentage and water percentage.

For somebody trying to lose weight, knowing where they started and what they have achieved is ideal for continuous success.

Because they measure your body fat percentage, they cater for all needs.

They hold up to four different sets of weights, saving time by not having to hand write notes.

A wide range of digital weight scales can be found here.


Reminder Water Bottle

Reminder Water Bottle

When dieting, one of the most important rules is forgotten…

To drink more water regularly.

This water bottle is a perfect solution to this.

With markings on the bottle for how much water you should have consumed by a certain time.

With motivational words, it is sure to keep you on track at drinking the right amount of water each day.

Nowadays, people confuse being thirsty for being hungry.

That’s why more and more people are piling on the pounds, from overeating.

Therefore, with a water bottle as simple as this, you are sure to know exactly when you are hungry rather than just thirsty.

It is available in a few colours, so just pick the one that suits your buddy the most.

Pick this up here.


Progress Plaque

Weight loss progress plaque

This chalkboard is an ideal weight loss motivation gift.

Seeing everyday how much weight you’ve lost and how far away you are from your goal, will encourage you to carry on.

Just looking at figures can help to keep you on track from eating unhealthy foods, by seeing how far you’ve come.

But sometimes you just need to lighten the mood… Here are a few novelty gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on their face.

This quirky present can be found on Amazon here.


Novelty Fitness Gifts

Diet Kit

Diet Cutlery Kit

This diet cutlery kit will prevent any overeating.

Known to prevent weight gain and any kind of eating at all, this makes the perfect novelty gift for dieters.

Challenge your dieting friend to eat their lunch with this diet set.

Find this here.


Shockolate Box

Fitness Gifts

This is the ideal gift for a chocolate addict.

Place their secret stash inside this box and set the timer. If they try and get in, they get an electric shock.

They can see it, but they can’t have it until the time ends.

Available here.

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