Best calisthenics YouTube channels

8 of the Best Callisthenics YouTube Channels 2019

Callisthenic workouts are becoming more popular. Using your own body weight to perform exercises, instead of adding additional weight.

You can achieve a good physique by just performing callisthenic workouts.

Best of all, you need little or no equipment as you only use your body weight.

You can either incorporate callisthenic training into your current routine, or you can just focus on body weight exercises.

They can help with weight loss and building muscle.

We’ve filtered through YouTube to find our favourite callisthenic channels, so all you have to do is give them a watch and get involved.

Callisthenic training has many benefits and the fact that you can practice anywhere being one of them. You don’t need any equipment, so you can get stuck in anywhere.

This type of exercise works many muscles at one time, so, for example, pull-ups work your arms, back and engage your abs too.

You minimise the risk of injury since a lot of injuries happen to people who lift weights.

Now, here are our top picks from YouTube:



This channel is full of techniques, workouts and step-by-step tutorials you can follow.

They take a simple approach to teaching callisthenic workouts, so even if you have never practised before you will be taught properly.

They also upload videos at least once a week, helping to keep you up-to-date and in great shape.

Check out their channel:



Alex from Calisthenicmovement is a callisthenics trainer, a personal trainer, nutrition coach and a fitness trainer.

So, you know what he says or suggests is going to be useful.

He has a lot of useful videos – helping with form, ‘how to’ tutorials , beginner guides and much more.

He uploads around 3 videos a month, which all seem to be less than 20 minutes long.

Check out the channel:


Calisthenics & Weight Training

Kris has a variety of videos from callisthenics to plyometric training.

He has 15 years of training experience and records videos in various places like parks, outdoors and inside the home – so you can train anywhere!

He makes his workouts fun and enjoyable, so you keep at it.

His tutorials are easy to adapt if you are a beginner.

Check his channel out:


 Spartan Girls

Trine wants to motivate people to get fit and enjoy exercising, her favourite type of exercise is callisthenics.

She has loads of calisthenic tutorials and workouts you can easily follow.

She uploads around 3 videos a week, so you’ll have plenty to get on with.

Find a video below:


Austin Dunham

Austin loves calisthenic training, so his videos focus purely on bodyweight exercises.

He provides tutorials and videos that focus on certain body parts, gives plenty of useful tips and tricks, and also helps to keep you motivated.

We believe you will find some good tips and tutorials here, helping you to stay motivated and determined to keep going.

He uploads a couple of videos a week, check out his channel below:



Jackmonx is a self-taught callisthenics athlete, hand balancer and yogi.

He has a range of videos that are all related to callisthenic workouts, bodyweight, balancing, street workouts and more.

Having dedicated his life to training since 2014, he has learnt everything he knows from personal experience, so has some good, tried-and-tested tips to share in his tutorials.

Check out his videos:


Frank Medrano

Frank has a channel full of callisthenic workouts suitable to intermediate to advanced.

He goes full beast mode, showing what you can achieve once you know the basics.

He offers killer workouts that target specific muscles, all using his own bodyweight.

Frank also shows partner workouts, where you can use each other to build muscle or build muscle at the same time.

He will definitely motivate you.

Check out his channel:


Corey Hall

Corey has dedicated his life to helping people like you to get fit and be motivated.

He has many videos on his channel that are bodyweight routines and exercises.

He gives decent tutorials on how to do specific exercises.

You’ll find videos like a 6-minute explosive chest workout to advanced obliques workouts.

He has some great advice and workouts, check him out:


So there you have our 8 top callisthenic YouTubers that will all provide tips and tricks on how to use your own bodyweight when exercising.

As you now know, you can build muscle just as well as you can if you were to use weights.

But, callisthenic workouts are much more easier on the body, joints and knees.

You lower risk of injuries and can focus more on form and balance.

We know that even if you are a complete beginner, you can learn a lot through these tutorials and workout routines.

Adding HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts to your callisthenic workouts will help to burn fat quicker.

And, you don’t even need to leave your house, or you can do it in the park or wherever you are.

Make use of the ‘equipment’ around you, just be sure it is sturdy.

No excuses!

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