Best home punch bags

Best Punch Bags for Home Boxing & Workouts

Working on your MMA skills?

Trying to improve your Muay Thai or boxing technique? Looking for a good workout?

If you even thought about answering ‘Yes’, then we think it’s time you considered buying the best punch bag.

If you ever thought about ways to improve your fitness or add some flavour to your workouts, you should definitely look at the best at home punching bag that you can find.

Every gym has a version of the standard punch bag, from the speed bag, the free-standing heavy bag, the angled bag, the wall-mounted bag…

Have we lost you? Were you familiar with the different types of bags?

Maybe you were and you’ve come here to determine which bag suits your needs.

Or maybe you weren’t and you wanted to find out more about how this piece of equipment could work for you.

Either way, we’ve got just the thing for you. Let us take you deep into the world of home punch bag, the best, the worst, and what you should know to get the right one for you.

We’re going to explore the features and benefits and single out the specific best punch bags that we rated the highest on our exclusive, patented ranking scale (not actually patented).

If you’re looking at making your own home gym, you’ll need a punching bag.

Let’s jump right in.


The Benefits of Punch Bags

To learn about how your workout will get better depends mainly on who you ask. Because every single person uses a heavy bag for different reasons.

Some use it as a way to improve their aerobic exercises. Spend a few minutes ‘working the bag’ as they say, and your heart rate will climb faster than you’ve done before. It’s extremely strenuous to practice your movements on the bag, even if you’re just a beginner. For fitness and endurance, the home punch bag is one of the most effective tools that require almost no maintenance.

Others use it as a tool to improve their technique. MMA fighters, Muay Thai practitioners, and boxers all look to use a heavy bag to practice their hits. They could be training their blows, their footwork or even the power with which they strike.

If you want to improve your physique, the muscles that can be worked on a heavy bag are limitless. Start out with your upper body, working on your biceps and triceps. Hit higher up to tone your shoulders and back, you can work low blows to build core strength and abs. You can even work your legs with footwork, kicking and moving around the bag.

And some will use the bag as a way to get their stresses out at the end of the day. Exercise, no matter the technique, is an excellent reliever of negative stress. By channelling your energy into something more forceful (like hitting a heavy bag repeatedly), you focus on your body on the impact and the movement, reducing your thoughts about the stresses of your day.

Also, it just feels good to wear yourself out while punching and kicking something that can’t hit back.

We also happen to favour the heavy bag because it requires little maintenance. Once you’ve installed the bag, you simply let it sit until you’re ready to hit it. No greasing up moving parts, no wearing out of little fiddly bits. Just hit and go. You don’t even need gloves to practice your movements.


The Different Types of Punch Bags

If you’re serious about getting into this fantastic workout, you’ll first need to decide which bag suits you best.

Yes, there are a few choices you can make. It depends on what you want to get out of your workout, and which areas you’d like to target. (IE: fitness, muscle development, fight training)

Let us enlighten you about the different types of bags and which bag we value over the rest in the market.


Heavy Bag

This is the bag you would stereotypically see hanging in just about every gym and training facility. Traditionally filled with sand or foam, you can also get water bags for a more responsive feel.


Maize Bag

The Maize bag is named for what it’s traditionally filed with; maize. But these days, this free-swinging bag can be filled with sand, water or fibres. It’s up to you to figure out what type of workout you need.


Wall Mounted Bag

The wall-mounted bag is a speciality item, perfect for trainers and fighters who want to work on their power and style. Even though it adds a specific component to the workout, it could be just the bag you need in your home gym.


Free Standing Heavy Bag

As an absolute must for any home gym, the freestanding bags are exceptionally good at providing a target and a practice tool for any level. It has enough give to deliver full-strength blows, but it also remains still for repeat combos and footwork movements.


Angled Heavy Bag

The angled heavy bag is a slight variation on the swinging maize balls we talked about earlier. These bags come with designed angles to practice blows like uppercut and elbow strikes. Again, it’s not for everyone, but if you wish to perfect your combat technique, this is the bag for you.


RDX Heavy Punch Bag

RDX Punch Bag

Starting off our list of impressive punch bags is the RDX Heavy Bag. It doesn’t just come with all the tools needed to hang a bag; it also comes with an impressive array of accessories to help you in your workout.

Try, just try, to find something here in this package that isn’t going to radically improve your fitness. You have the heavy-duty punch bag, along with the suspension chain, ceiling hook, hand wraps, plus much more.

All you have to do is hang the bag, and you’re set for your next workout. You’ll get a great heavy bag plus the best heavy bag gloves to add extra force should you need it.

The bag is even waterproof so you can hang it outdoors if you’re cramped for space. Start your workout with a warm-up or get fancy with your footwork with this exceptional punch bag.

Check the price on Amazon here.


Lonsdale 4ft Heavy Bag

Lonsdale Punch Bag

The Lonsdale version of the heavy bag is just that, a heavy bag. It doesn’t come with fancy tools or unnecessary equipment. It gets you exactly what you’ll need for the best heavy bag we’ve come across for this price.

It’s simple and sturdy. You just have to hang it on the supplied hook and chain then you can practice your fighting technique in no time.

The bag comes with a soft inner filling to protect your wrists and hands as you get used to the movements of using a punch bag. It’s ideal for beginners who are new to the sport of heavy bags.

Available here.


Lonsdale Authentic Vintage Maize Bag

Lonsdale Vintage Maize Punch Bag

If you’re looking for a maize bag that looks and feels just like an old-timey gym, you can’t go past this look.

The authentic leather and classic look of this maize bag will add a certain appeal to your home gym.

The bag can be strung up in a place with plenty of room, giving you the chance to practice jabs, uppercuts and hooks while also moving your feet to keep up with the bag.

That’s the benefit of this bag. It gives you enough resistance for full contact while giving you a target to track and move around.

Find the latest price here.


Onex Heavy Maize Bag

Onex Punch Bag

The Onex Maize Bag is a high density filled bag that compounds your workout to add an extra element of movement.

The high-performance bag also comes with the necessary equipment to keep you on your toes; Muay Thai-style gloves, hand wraps, ceiling hook and chain, and a skipping rope to elevate your heart rate.

The pre-filled bag makes it easy to set up and then start on your kicks and punches right away. It’s filled with an impressive 25kg, but you can always adjust the weight as your progress in your ability.

Find this one on Amazon.


RDX Wall Mounted Target

Wall Mounted Punch Targets

The RDX wall targets are great for practising those tricky movements and combos. Build up your speed and power, practising on an immovable wall mounted pad. You can develop that skill that will take your further in the ring and in your own workouts.

The wall targets easily absorb the shock of your hits and the firm mounting ensures that nothing will slip or fall out of place. Work it until you can’t because this wall-mounted bag will keep on ticking, long after your last drop of sweat.

It comes with the fixings and accessories, including a good pair of gloves to train your power and technique.

Check the latest price here.


Windy Wall Mounted Target Bag

Windy Wall Punch Bag

If you’re serious about your kickboxing, or your fight training, we’d love to recommend the Windy target bag. It’s not for everyone, but it’s perfect for those who need additional support for their fight movements.

The targets on the bag provide strike points and challenging combos to try and hit. It’s enough to give even the most seasoned fighter a run for their money.

And speaking of money, it’s certainly not cheap, but it does provide a targeted, specific training tool to those serious about their fighting technique and style training.

Available here.


Gallant Free Standing Target Punch Bag

Gallant Punch Bag

As a way to develop your coordination, try to work this bag with all the combination hits you can imagine. Give it strikes, punches, kicks and anything else you can throw at it. You’ll be sweating and exhausted long before this bag shows even the slightest hint of wear and tear.

That’s because the Gallant brand does mean more than great value. It also provides a sturdy and rough tool that works as hard as you do. Fill the bottom with sand or water and you have an immovable stand from which to do your workouts to your fullest potential.

It’s soft enough to not cause you any discomfort, and it’s the best free standing punching bag we found.

Find it on Amazon here.


TunerMax Free Standing Bag

Upright Punch Bag

Fill the ultra-steady base, and you’re ready to deliver some massive blows to your opponent. Even if it is just a free standing punching bag.

That’s because your standing bag comes ready to absorb even the most brutal shocks and blows. Try kicks and roundhouses, hooks, jabs and combos with this bag.

The 175cm high bag is perfect for any size user, and it is packed with high-density foam in a durable leather shell. Work out any combat sport or simply add to your normal routine for a high-intensity training tool.

Available here.


RDX Angled Punch Bag

Angle Punch Bag

We found the perfect angled punch bag for you.

It’s attached to a swivel 6 chain system that gives you movement to add to the challenge of your training. Give it all you’ve got because the packed foam jacket absorbs as much shock and power as you can deliver.

The angled sides provide perfect striking points, perfecting your technique while working out muscle groups you didn’t know you had.

The angled heavy bag adds that element to your training to give you the edge when the bell sounds and your opponent comes out at you.

This final option in our best punchbags for the home rundown is available right here.



Part of the experience of your workout should include some form of heavy bag movements. It’s a great way to elevate your heart rate, warm-up your cold muscles, develop power and precision in your strikes and hits.

Be sure to protect your hands with wraps and quality gloves.

Just don’t ask us to be your sparring partner after a few months of these heavy home punch bags.

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