natural casein protein powders

The Best Casein Protein Powders & Bars

One of the true heroes of the gym is actually what you bring with you. No, we’re not talking about attitude or determination. This isn’t a motivational poster.

We’re talking about your protein powder. In fact, the best source of powerful muscle-building growth comes from casein protein.

You’re probably wondering what casein protein does? Fair question. And what is casein protein good for?

First off, it’s the highest quality of any protein sources you can find. It provides your body with a steady stream of amino acids to build muscle mass, increase fat loss, and improve your metabolic rate.

That’s pretty good all from a glass of milk. Yes, milk is one of the most common sources of casein protein, but we’ll get into that later on.

If you’re into bodybuilding or you just generally want to lose weight and promote good muscle growth, look no further than this power-packed punch of protein.

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best protein bar

The Best Tasting Protein Bars: Which Bars Passed Our Taste Test?

If you’re looking for the best, convenient source of protein while you work your busy day, it can be tough to find.

You could either take a bunch of hard-boiled eggs with you.

You could pre-cook a few chicken breasts to eat during the day.

You could even mix together a protein shake, measuring out the powder, mixing in the ingredients and taking care to wash the bottle afterwards.

But all those options sound time-consuming and difficult. Not at all convenient.

So, that’s why we’re such fans of protein bars. We love how much nutrition is packed into the bar. We love the flavours, like chocolate protein bars, coconut protein bars, and even peanut butter chocolate protein bars.

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best whey protein

The Best Whey Protein Powders & Bars

Whey protein; it’s one of the two main proteins found in milk and one of the best sources of protein for your body’s needs.

It absorbs incredibly quickly into your body and goes to work rebuilding those muscle tissues to create stronger, more powerful muscle mass.

But what do you know about it?

For instance, did you know that even the best whey protein could be one of three different types?

Do you know where natural whey protein can be found?

Don’t worry because we’re going to dissolve some myths, bring in some major knowledge, and infuse your brain with everything you need to know about this miracle protein.

We’re even going to give you our best product recommendations for buying whey protein powders to supplement your diet.

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Best Ketogenic Protein Powders

The Best Ketogenic Protein Powders & Bars

Congratulations! If you are looking into the world of ketogenics, you’re making the decision to lose weight, gain mental clarity, and improve your general nutrition.

But what’s this?

The supposedly “simple” lifestyle of keto isn’t as easy as it first appeared?

There are all these terms and phrases people use in this sphere.

They talk about meeting their macros, fat bombs, maintaining ketosis, plateaus, and many other terms that sound like a whole new language.

One of the best ways to start to apply keto to your normal routine, and to simplify the complex, is to supplement your meals with a low carb protein shake.

Part of the purpose of eating this way is increasing your protein and fat intake beyond what you’re normally doing.

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Best Protein Powder Paleo Diet

The Best Paleo Protein Powders & Bars

One of the real benefits of choosing to be on a paleo diet is the fact that you never have to count calories.

You never worry about the numbers on the side of the package, mainly because most of what you’re eating isn’t coming out of a package at all.

Paleo is all about eating naturally and avoiding the processed foods that wouldn’t have been eaten by our ancestors.

But there is a problem.

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