Best Shoe for Lifting

Best Shoes for Weightlifting & Crossfit for Men

People underestimate the importance and benefits of wearing a good pair of gym shoes for lifting or crossfit. 

They provide support and cushioning to your feet and help stabilise your body. 

If you wear just any shoes to the gym, maybe you should think twice. 

Apart from suffering from delayed onset muscle soreness, have you ever walked away from exercise or a gym session with a pain in your knees, back or hips? A pain that is not related to being a newbie to the gym?

You should take a look at the shoes you are wearing whilst working out.

Think about it, your feet get put through their paces during any workout. They take a hammering from the treadmill, cross trainer, deadlifts and squats. 

Bad footwear can cause damage to the muscle, bones, joints and tissue throughout the body. Long-term effects would mean your fitness goals may be put on hold whilst your body recovers from the damage.

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Build Calf Muscles

How to Build Calf Muscles

Looking for advice on how to build calf muscles?

Those beautiful leg muscles that round out your physique. They’re controversial muscles because although they look fantastic when they’re bulging, they aren’t the easiest muscle to work.

That’s because, by and large, the look of a great calf is largely due to genetics. If you win that genetic lottery, we’re happy for you. But if not, you’ll forever wonder how to make your calves bigger.

The good news is this:

It can be done. We know how to make your calves grow. We can help you with some targeted exercises to strengthen and grow these pesky muscles. We can suggest some training routines, some of the best calf exercises to focus on that area of your growth. And we can make sure you learn enough about getting bigger calves that you’ll become the resident expert in your local gym.

But we have to start somewhere. Let’s first take a look at what these calf muscles are all about. Read More

best gifts for bodybuilders

The Best Gift Ideas for Bodybuilders

Do you know somebody who is a fitness fanatic?

They can be very difficult to buy for, in terms of gifts.

Bodybuilders and weightlifters can be very particular about what they want or need.

Help them to achieve even more by finding the perfect gifts for bodybuilders.

They are very dedicated and committed to achieving and getting results.

The thing we struggle with is finding different gifts suitable for bodybuilders.

But don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered.

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How to improve grip strength

How to Improve Your Grip Strength

Grip strength is something that is often overlooked.

But if people knew that improving their grip strength would improve their overall performance when lifting at the gym, would they focus on it more?

Gaining impressive grip strength will set you free, you won’t be held back anymore.

We’re here to show you how to improve your grip strength for climbing, deadlifts and all other daily tasks… Like opening that pickle jar.

The best thing is you can improve grip strength at home. No need to head out to the gym to specifically train your hands.

A few simple exercises to improve your grip strength and minimal equipment needed.

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Build Muscle at Home

How to Build Muscle at Home

It is perfectly possible to get a ‘gym body’ without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Working out in the house is often cheaper, quicker and may be more efficient for you than taking time out to travel to a regular gym.

If you want to know how to build muscle at home then this is the post for you.

Because coming up with a plan on your own can seem daunting, we’ll look at the basics of how muscle building works. We’ll then look at some different exercises you can do with no equipment other than basic free weights. Read More

How much muscle can you put on in a month?

How Much Muscle Can You Gain in a Month?

If you’re asking ‘how much muscle can I gain in a month?’ then the chances are you’d like an exact answer with some figures, and research to back it up.

The good news is that we can give you exactly those things, along with some effective, fast muscle-building strategies, which will help you to bulk up as much as possible in a month.

So read on, and we’ll do our best to answer this deceptively complex question. Read More