Correct Form for Squats

How to Squat Properly: Everything You Need to Know About Squats

Anybody who is trying to improve their fitness levels, starting an exercise programme or already regularly works out needs to be familiar with the squat. But how do you squat properly?

The squat has many health benefits if performed correctly. It is a functional move and can improve your overall health, it can ensure you gain strength and build muscle.

It is such a productive exercise and works many different muscle groups at one time. It is known as 'The King of Exercise'.

Improper form and techniques can cause injuries and reverse the good results the squat brings. It is ideal to learn and practise the correct form without any weights.

Once you have mastered the correct form, you will be good to go and prevent any future injuries.

We've created this guide to teach you how to squat properly and effectively. You are sure to understand at the end the correct form and all the health benefits that surround squats.

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