Build Calf Muscles

How to Build Calf Muscles

Looking for advice on how to build calf muscles?

Those beautiful leg muscles that round out your physique. They’re controversial muscles because although they look fantastic when they’re bulging, they aren’t the easiest muscle to work.

That’s because, by and large, the look of a great calf is largely due to genetics. If you win that genetic lottery, we’re happy for you. But if not, you’ll forever wonder how to make your calves bigger.

The good news is this:

It can be done. We know how to make your calves grow. We can help you with some targeted exercises to strengthen and grow these pesky muscles. We can suggest some training routines, some of the best calf exercises to focus on that area of your growth. And we can make sure you learn enough about getting bigger calves that you’ll become the resident expert in your local gym.

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exercising with doms

The Best Exercises to Do When Muscles Are Sore

Oh Boy.

Suffering from sore muscles the day after a heavy gym session?

Did you find getting out of bed was tough this morning? You did have leg day a couple days ago at the gym, right?

But showering this morning was hard too. You dropped the bar of soap and there was no way you were going to pick that up. That can stay there until tomorrow.

Maybe today you’ll take the elevator because those stairs sound like torture.

Sounds like someone has a case of DOMS.

No, this is not a disease you need to get checked out.

This is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. This is that stiff, sore feeling after doing a strenuous workout and it plagues everybody.

And it’s the worst. It takes you from feeling strong and on top of the world, having just conquered those last few sets of the heavy weights…

…to being a snivelling toddler who has trouble sitting down on the toilet.

DOMS isn’t just a beginner’s affliction. Even seasoned athletes get cases of extreme muscle soreness the day after. Many even experience DOMS up to 72 hours after the workout was completed, which could leave you confused about why your arms are too sore to shampoo your own head.

While DOMS is a real thing, it doesn’t have to be a real downer. You work through the muscle aches and learn to master it.

We want to give you all the info about sore muscles, dish all the good “goss” about DOMS. We’ll teach you the science behind it, how to prevent it, and how to work through that annoying muscle pain after a workout.

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Avoid muscle fatigue

How to Avoid Muscle Fatigue During Workouts

Muscle Fatigue? You know what it is.

It’s the feeling of stumbling down the hallway to the bathroom, the morning after you wake up from leg day.

Your muscles are tired and achy from working out.

It’s that tiredness you feel when you try to shampoo your hair after a killer arm workout.

It’s the grunts and groans you make when you try to do the simplest of tasks after using muscles you didn’t even know you had. It’s a complete feeling of lack of energy and the ability to complete any normal task.

Muscle fatigue affects you after your workouts. Don’t worry, it happens to everybody. It’s natural and it’s your body’s way of communicating something to you.  It’s telling that you’ve reached your limit. Fatigue after a workout is normal and it shouldn’t discourage you from trying again tomorrow.

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Abs at home

The Best Way to Build Abs at Home

Looking for information on how to get abs?

Maybe you’re looking to get abs at home? There’s no need for that overpriced gym membership when with hard work at home you can get the abs your body desires.

It’s not that complicated, but we have seen how to make abs at home fast too simplified on other websites. We think it’s time to break some misconceptions and finally learn the truth about getting abs of steel at home.

It’s not about counting how many sit-ups for a six-pack. It takes dedication, hard work and probably more effort than you would first think, but it is possible.

We’re going to illuminate some of the myths about abs and dispel some of those silly notions that it can happen in just 6 minutes a day while you’re munching Cheetos and binging Netflix shows.

We’re going to teach you some science (yes it’s back to the classroom for a bit), talk about simple exercises and also discuss some of the best tools we’ve seen for how to build abs at home.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common techniques and tools to get you those rock hard abs of steel you desperately want to have.

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Best resistance bands

The Ultimate Resistance Band Workout for Beginners

Resistance band training has many benefits. You can get a full body workout with the right resistance bands and build muscle.

We’ve come up with the best resistance band workout to help you sculpt your body to perfection.

If you’ve ever seen an astronaut landing back on Earth after some time in space, you have probably seen them stand for the first time. These incredible athletic people have trouble even taking a few steps on their own.

That’s because they lacked one thing in space:


Gravity gives us the resistance we need to build strength. It’s necessary to normal life. That’s why astronauts have trouble with even the most basic of tasks. They didn’t get enough resistance to even maintain their musculature.

Resistance training is all about using that necessary force to your benefit. You could know it by another name, like weight training or strength training. The dictionary has a boring definition for it: the attempt to prevent an action.

We prefer to think of it as making something harder. The harder it is, the more resistance you’ll feel. And in turn, the better your body will become.

When you keep using resistance, your muscles get larger and stronger. They have to overcome that resistance you’re applying to do what you’re asking of them.

So how do you perform your own resistance training workout?

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Improve Athleticism

What is Athleticism? Workouts to Improve Athleticism

What are you training for? Are you looking to win a competition?

Do you want to improve your physique? Look better naked?

We’d be willing to bet that although you may have a goal in mind, no matter how far along you are in your training, that you can still be more ‘athletic’.

What do we mean by that? Why is the new buzzword “athleticism”? What is athleticism?

It’s because most training sessions have a smaller goal in mind – look big, run efficiently, exercise longer.

But that goal doesn’t mean that you have good athleticism.

Athleticism is defined as the typical characteristics you would find in an athlete.

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