Abs at home

The Best Way to Build Abs at Home

Looking for information on how to get abs?

Maybe you’re looking to get abs at home? There’s no need for that overpriced gym membership when with hard work at home you can get the abs your body desires.

It’s not that complicated, but we have seen how to make abs at home fast too simplified on other websites. We think it’s time to break some misconceptions and finally learn the truth about getting abs of steel at home.

It’s not about counting how many sit-ups for a six-pack. It takes dedication, hard work and probably more effort than you would first think, but it is possible.

We’re going to illuminate some of the myths about abs and dispel some of those silly notions that it can happen in just 6 minutes a day while you’re munching Cheetos and binging Netflix shows.

We’re going to teach you some science (yes it’s back to the classroom for a bit), talk about simple exercises and also discuss some of the best tools we’ve seen for how to build abs at home.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common techniques and tools to get you those rock hard abs of steel you desperately want to have.

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Best resistance bands

The Ultimate Resistance Band Workout for Beginners

Resistance band training has many benefits. You can get a full body workout with the right resistance bands and build muscle.

We’ve come up with the best resistance band workout to help you sculpt your body to perfection.

If you’ve ever seen an astronaut landing back on Earth after some time in space, you have probably seen them stand for the first time. These incredible athletic people have trouble even taking a few steps on their own.

That’s because they lacked one thing in space:


Gravity gives us the resistance we need to build strength. It’s necessary to normal life. That’s why astronauts have trouble with even the most basic of tasks. They didn’t get enough resistance to even maintain their musculature.

Resistance training is all about using that necessary force to your benefit. You could know it by another name, like weight training or strength training. The dictionary has a boring definition for it: the attempt to prevent an action.

We prefer to think of it as making something harder. The harder it is, the more resistance you’ll feel. And in turn, the better your body will become.

When you keep using resistance, your muscles get larger and stronger. They have to overcome that resistance you’re applying to do what you’re asking of them.

So how do you perform your own resistance training workout?

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Best Home Punch Bags

Best Punch Bags for Home Boxing & Workouts

Working on your MMA skills?

Trying to improve your Muay Thai or boxing technique? Looking for a good workout?

If you even thought about answering ‘Yes’, then we think it’s time you considered buying the best punch bag.

If you ever thought about ways to improve your fitness or add some flavour to your workouts, you should definitely look at the best at home punching bag that you can find.

Every gym has a version of the standard punch bag, from the speed bag, the free-standing heavy bag, the angled bag, the wall-mounted bag…

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Best dumbbells for home

Best Dumbbells for Home – Build Strength & Fitness in Your Bedroom

We’ve done tons of research to find the best dumbbells for home use, we are giving you this advice to make your body a temple…

What is it that spurs you on to wake up early and workout?

Is it because you want to look good to impress a certain someone?

Or is it simply because you have a few pounds to lose in certain areas, and a few pounds to gain in others? I mean, who doesn’t?

Whatever the reason you’ve chosen to get fit, we applaud you. It’s a noble goal and it doesn’t matter where you are on your journey to better health. You’re miles ahead of anybody who isn’t trying.

And to celebrate your desire to get healthier, let us help you. We wanted to walk you through how to buy the best dumbbells for home use.

We’re going to dispel some myths about the best dumbbells for the home gym, and we’ll take you through some of the different sets that you can buy.

But to be honest, this is a hard article to write. Because the best home dumbbell set is the one that you’ll actually use.

And that part is up to you.

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Best Fitness Tracker

Best Fitness Trackers – Improve Your Fitness Levels

By now, you have heard of fitness trackers. They are everywhere. In the industry, they’re known as “wearables”, or a technology that now you can wear.

But what is the best fitness tracker around now? And do fitness trackers help to improve your fitness levels?

We’ve researched the top fitness monitors around.

They are cooler than Google Glass, more practical than an Oculus Rift VR headset, and way more advanced than those old pedometers you used to strap to your belt. And forget the expensive price tags on other “wearables”, you can easily get the best activity tracker under 100 pounds.

Fitness trackers can do so much more than simply track your steps. You can use them to accurately determine your fitness levels, accumulate data on your workouts, and improve your abilities as you actively move around.

But what tracker do you choose? How can you determine which feature suits you best? Are they even cool?

We’ve created this handy guide to figure out which of the multiple options on the market are worth noticing. Everyone is trying to get your attention, but which fitness tracker should you pay attention to.

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Best Pull Up Bars for Home

Best Home Pull-Up Bars – Work Your Upper Body Effectively

If you’re looking to do an effective upper body work-out at home, then you need a pull-up bar.

We’ve found the best pull-up bars on the market right now…

If you’re interested in getting your arms legally declared as weapons,

Or, if you want to intimidate your opponents in that friendly game of family volleyball,

And, if you just want to achieve peak fitness…

…you need to do pull-ups.

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