Best protein shakes

The Best Protein Powders: The Unrivalled Protein Powder Guide

When I first became interested in my physique I didn’t know where to start. I asked about what type of protein powders I should be taking for the best results during my workout. I heard words like whey, protein, pre-workout,...

Jasmin / August 29, 2017
How to improve grip strength

How To Improve Your Grip Strength

Tell me, what is the most common trait amongst all heroes in the movies?  I’m not talking about superheroes or people with extraordinary powers. No, I’m talking about regular Joe’s who do remarkable things. Think John McLean in the Die...

Jasmin / August 29, 2017
What is L-Tyrosine?

Everything You Need to Know About L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid supplement which is said to have many great benefits. It can help with improving mood, enhancing mental clarity and memory, and may even be able to control weight. While most people would appreciate those improvements,...

Jasmin / July 4, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About L-Arginine

L-Arginine is a very popular supplement, often found in preworkout products. It is known by bodybuilders and athletes to boost performance and build muscle. Doctors use it to treat problems with the heart and circulation. But, reliable information on dosage...

Jasmin / July 4, 2017
What is pikatropin?

Everything You Need to Know About Pikatropin

Recent controversy in the US has put pikatropin in the spotlight and raised a lot of questions. It is an ingredient in many preworkouts, some of them rumoured to be highly effective. But consumers were alarmed when the US Food and...

Jasmin / July 4, 2017
What is betaine?

Everything You Need to Know About Betaine

Betaine is relatively new to the world of preworkout supplements, but it has been studied as a medicine for heart disease patients for many years. Generally, betaine assists in liver function, cellular reproduction, and metabolism. Information is also being discovered...

Jasmin / July 4, 2017
Citrulline Malate

Everything You Need to Know About Citrulline Malate

This is one of the favourite fatigue-busting supplement of increasing numbers of athletes, but what is citrulline malate? If your routine includes resistance training then you could certainly benefit from it. Do bigger muscle pumps, more muscle pumps, and reduced soreness...

Jasmin / July 3, 2017
What is caffeine

Everything You Need to Know About Caffeine

Caffeine is familiar to most people in the form of their morning cup of coffee or tea. …and who doesn’t love a good brew? Students often drink coffee to stay awake through long nights of study. But should weightlifters take...

Jasmin / July 3, 2017
What is DMAA

Everything You Need to Know About DMAA

This supplement has been subject to a lot of controversy in recent years, but what is DMAA? While many athletes claim that this is a safe and effective pre-workout supplement, it has been linked to adverse reactions and even deaths. This...

Jasmin / July 3, 2017
What is ornithine?

Everything You Need to Know About Ornithine

This post will teach you everything you need to know about ornithine. But what is ornithine? Many of you will be wondering what it is, what ornithine does and what the benefits of ornithine are. Ornithine is an amino acid,...

Jasmin / July 3, 2017