Best Kettlebells For Home

A Guide to the Best Kettlebells for Home

Kettlebells are perfect for overall body strength and conditioning, they will help you tone and build muscle, if used correctly.

They are known to blast away body fat and even strengthen ligaments which lead to tougher joints and making yourself less prone to injuries.

Kettlebells can be incorporated into a lot of fitness regimes and will make a huge difference to your body. They range in different sizes so there will be one ideal for all.

Not only can you get different weight sizes, but you can also get kettlebells made from different materials. From soft outer shell to heavy cast-iron kettlebells. 

Here we list the best kettlebells for home use, from the best adjustable kettlebells to the ideal kettlebell set.

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Equipment for home gym

14 Essential Pieces Of Equipment For The Perfect Home Gym

There are many upsides and advantages to having a home gym, even if you've not got a room that's a dedicated gym, being able to pull out some equipment and get a good workout in is hugely beneficial.

If you find that you haven't got time to visit a gym, or the membership fees are too expensive at your local gym, a home gym is the perfect way to get your workout in, keep in great shape and keep your workout routine in tact.

Here are our recommendations for 14 essential pieces of equipment for the perfect home gym. Let's get stuck in.

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Morning Workout Before Work

13 Tricks For Working Out Before Work

We all know the story, we see an inspirational new training program or fitness tips article and we promise ourselves that we are going to work out every morning before work.

The first morning starts out really well; you jump up, drink your coffee, and launch into your routine. Then you forget your routine (or try to do way too much), get bored and start to panic about how late it’s getting. So you cut the workout short, get to work late, and feel bad all day because your boss hates you now and you didn’t even get a proper workout in.

The second morning you oversleep, but it’s okay because you will catch up tomorrow.

A week later you have given up entirely or been called in to a disciplinary hearing at the office for tardiness.

Okay so maybe you are not that bad, maybe you just want to get more out of your pre-work workout.

Here are 13 fail safe ways to maximise your morning workout time.

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Weightlifting & Fitness Myths

The Top Fitness Myths Debunked

Fitness isn’t rocket science but it can get confusing with so many different opinions and facts around.

With so many fitness myths around, it can be difficult to understand the facts versus the made-up. Fitness fanatics can get so caught up in fitness myths that might not even be true.

Anyone can pick up a pair of dumbbells and do a random workout that will bring great results, for a while – thanks to newbie gains (yeah, they are not a myth).

Failure is not immediately obvious (not the case with surgery), and any solid research is very hard to do. This is the environment in which myths sprout.

How can you separate reality from fiction and bro-science from proven concepts?

That’s where we come in, debunking the most common and enduring fitness myths out there and providing you with the truth about fitness, exercise and muscle growth.

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How to Burn Belly Fat

Core Strengthening Ab Exercises To Burn Belly Fat

If you’re looking for how to burn belly fat and have a desire for ripped abs, you’ve come to the right place.

You can’t strictly target the fat loss from any specific place on your body – when you lose fat, you lose it from all over.

However, by attempting to burn your belly fat, you will tighten up your ab muscles and give the appearance of being slimmer.

Over time, as you do burn off your belly fat, your abs – as long as you’ve worked on them like with the belly-busting ab exercising in this guide – will start to become more and more defined.

Besides just strengthening your core, these ab exercises will make your workouts interesting.

It’s important to keep your workouts enjoyable after all.

You might hear the phrase ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ which is true to some extent but you also need to incorporate exercise and core strengthening exercises to enhance your abs.

Abs are made through hard work and are revealed in the kitchen.

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Best Women's Weightlifting Shoes

A Guide to the Best Women’s Cross Training Shoes

Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, the most important thing to get right is your footwear. 

The wrong footwear when cross training can cause injury and unbalance the body. Cross training is a combination of different exercises, such as running, cycling, strength training and swimming. 

Due to the high-intensity exercises we put our bodies through, stress injuries can be caused by wearing the wrong shoe. 

Your feet and ankles go through a lot when you work out; the impact of the ground, jumping and landing on your feet, running on a treadmill. So, they need as much support, protection and comfort as possible.

A decent pair of gym shoes can do wonders for your form, technique and posture, make sure you pick the right pair for you.

We've done all the hard work for you, we have found the best women's gym shoes. We have also listed the best woman's weightlifting shoes at the bottom.

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