The Curse Preworkout Review

The Curse by Cobra Labs Preworkout Review

With so many different pre-workouts on the market, it can be difficult to find a suitable one for your needs.

Possibly the most threatening packaging of any product I have ever seen, The Curse has mixed reviews, some claim it to be the best around whereas others disagree. For that reason, we have decided to put The Curse pre-workout to the test.

The Curse claims to be “one of the most powerful and mind blowing pre-workout energy products on the planet today”. Promising to give you that insane energy boost, enhance concentration and focus, and huge muscle pumps. Not only that it promises a great tasting pre workout, which many brands lack.

It has been nominated for the best pre-workout for 4 years running. But is it really that good?

We thought we’d give it a try and give The Curse pre workout a review. Here’s what we found…


Full Cobra Labs The Curse Pre-Workout Review

The Curse Pre Workout Review

We’ve tried and tested the Cobra Labs pre-workout, The Curse, and we’ve put it through its paces (more accurately, it’s put us through our paces) and we’re going to share our honest thoughts with you about how it performed and if it delivers value for money.

Our review is compiled of two tests from different testers here at Tubby Gorilla, including myself.

Let’s get stuck in.


Overall Effectiveness

Let’s get straight into the good stuff, does The Curse Pre-Workout work? That’s what you’re here to find out.

Cobra Labs recommend between 1-3 scoops of The Curse powder, which I think is quite a jump and will have an effect on how well the pre-workout (PWO) performs.

Personally, I went down the middle and settled for two scoops of the Apple Envy powder.

I have to be honest and say I really like this one. I find that it delivers results, I get a great workout in when I’ve taken The Curse; my energy levels are high, my mental focus is there and I get a great pump out of it.

However, when you read what people online on social media and in bodybuilding forums say about The Curse, people seem to either love it or find it kind of just okay.

The opinion seems to be split, and we were no different here at TG.

“I feel like The Curse is lacking in caffeine. My performance was slightly improved when supplementing The Curse, I managed to go that extra length in some areas of my workout. I would definitely try The Curse again, but next time I would up my serving to 1 1/2 scoops.” – Jasmin, female reviewer, 5’2″, 125lbs.

The Curse is definitely effective, but our opinions were split with how effective it is. Maybe you need to give it the full 3 scoops to get that insane energy Cobra Labs promise.

This is the pre-workout I’ve used the most, I find that it works really well for me. Maybe as my workouts get harder and I lift more weights it won’t be as effective? That remains to be seen and is pure speculation, but I’ll let you know how I get on.

But for now, it works, I like it and would recommend it – especially for the price.



Energy: 3.5/5

Focus: 3.5/5

Taste: 5/5

Value: 4.5/5

These ratings are averages of the scores from our three product testers and are not official.

You can check the latest price of The Curse on Amazon here.


Energy and Focus

Again, depending on how much you take, you notice The Curse kick in at different points. I aim to take The Curse 30 minutes before working out, as they recommend, and will normally feel it during my warm up or on the way to the gym – depending on how much I’ve taken.

I find that my energy levels are good and high throughout my workout, it doesn’t tail off towards the end of the session.

Focus levels are good, I feel determined and motivated, but also willing to try more reps, higher weight and push for new bests when I’m working out with The Curse, but again this will change depending on how many scoops you put in.

“The price plays a big part for me with The Curse. If it was more expensive I don’t think I’d choose it over others, but it is very well priced and it does actually work.” – Jordan, male reviewer, 5’8″, 158lbs.


Taste and Mixability

One of the great things about The Curse is that is probably is one of the nicest pre-workouts I’ve tasted and it mixes so well.

You don’t need to mix too hard to get it to smooth and the Apple Envy flavour we tried was actually quite nice. The flavour is strong, but not over-powering. Again, this depends on if you opt for 1, 2 or 3 scoops.

One day I was in such a rush to the gym so I didn’t even stir it. I just swirled my glass as I added water to the powder and it mixed well enough to drink in one.

I’m not going to sit down in the evening and treat myself to a glass of The Curse, but as far as pre-workouts go, the flavour is quite good.

The Curse Pre-Workout Review

As you can see from the image above, the was no residue, no lumps floating and pretty much no powder left at the bottom of the glass.



  • Taste and texture are better than most other PWOs
  • Delivers a good pump
  • Well priced
  • Definitely works


  • Some users believe it lacks in caffeine
  • Energy boost doesn’t seem to be instant
  • Works, but not as well as some others we’ve tested


Side Effects

You do get a tingle once The Curse starts to kick in, but this only the usual thing you’d experience with products that contain beta-alanine. I tend to get a tingle around my face and hands after taking The Curse, again though, this is nothing different to any other pre-workout I’ve taken containing beta-alanine.



We think The Curse is a good pre-workout just above beginner level. It will definitely serve its purpose if this was the only pre-workout you used.

It delivers everything you’d expect from a pre-workout: good energy, heightened focus, a good pump at the end of it and there’s no crash.

It might not be as impactful as some of the others out there, but for the price it’s definitely a good value for money pre workout and I’d recommend it for sure.

Just don’t leave the tub next to your bed when you go to sleep!

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