PhD Nutrition VMX2 Pre Workout

PhD Nutrition VMX2 Preworkout Review – Raspberry Lemonade

PhD’s VMX2 claims to be an advanced, high-performance formula that is suitable for bodybuilders, athletes, powerlifters and team sports.

It helps bodybuilder with their reps of heavyweights, deliver explosive strength to powerlifters, offers increased performance for athletes and helps with short burst strength and match endurance for team sports.

They say it is so concentrated that they haven’t included colourings to the list to enhance performance.

PhD seems to have created a preworkout that is fit for all.

We’ve decided to put this supplement to the test in our mission to find the best preworkout supplement in 2019.

Myself and 2 other Tubby Gorilla reviewers (2 male and 1 female) tried this supplement before our gym session and we give our honest thoughts and experiences.

We tried PhD Nutrition VMX2 pre-workout in raspberry lemonade.

Let’s get to the bulk of this PhD VMX2 pre-workout review…


Our Review of PhD Nutrition VXM2 Pre-Workout

PhD VMX2 Preworkout Powder

This review is made up of three independent reviews from testers here at Tubby Gorilla.

We’ve given it a good testing to see if it actually works, how well it works and if it delivers on its claims and if it’s worth the money.

We’ll also recommend whether or not we’d buy the VMX2.

Let’s jump in, shall we?


Overall Effectiveness

After around 15 minutes, I felt a huge energy boost. I was ready to workout and motivated to push myself.

It felt like I had 3 cups of coffee before I went to the gym. I had a real buzz on.

I cannot fault this pre-workout for the energy I felt, even if it did taste gross.

I felt focused and ready to workout. My workout was decent, focussing on cardio and a few weights.

But, where I normally hate doing cardio, I really pushed myself to a new level. I didn’t get as bored or worn out compared to normal. I actually enjoyed my HIIT session.

“I would definitely use it again, I’d definitely buy it. If I had to give it a mark out 10, I’d go for a 9” – Jasmin, female reviewer, 5’2″, 125lbs.

I felt really focused and engaged throughout my workout with PhD’s VMX2. It definitely boosted my workouts and gave me an incredible boost of energy.

You also get a really good pump from it. You leave the gym feeling huge.

One of the great things about this pre-workout is how ‘pure’ it is. It has a highly concentrated, super strength formula with no added colouring. No added nonsense.

It also has a really low carb contents. Which is perfect if you’re looking for a pre-workout that won’t hinder a low-bard or cutting diet.



Energy: 5/5

Focus: 5/5

Taste: 2.5/5

Value: 3/5

These ratings are averages of the scores from our three product testers and are not official.

Check the current price of PHD Nutrition here on Amazon.


Energy and Focus

We all agreed that the VMX2 gives you great amounts of energy and focus. It really does deliver everything you’d expect from a good pre-workout.

It’s easy to see why it scores highly in most user reviews.

“I most definitely felt an energy boost during and after my workout. My workout was slightly longer than usual, followed by some boxing that I would never usually do. My energy levels were much higher than normal”
Luke, male reviewer. 5’11”, 164lbs

All of us recognised that our workouts were at a higher level than usual and credited the PhD Nutrition VMX2 for that.

The energy and focus levels didn’t drop either. The pre-workout maintained throughout all of our sessions and endurance was high too.

As mentioned, you also get a great pump at the end of it.


Taste and Mixability

This where the PhD’s VMX2 loses marks for us. The raspberry lemonade did not taste very nice at all, it was strong and not what I expected.

It eventually became a smooth consistency but it took vigorous stirring to get it there, and I was still left with a fair bit of residue at the bottom of the glass.

Not a nice taste or texture. Not nice to drink, but as always, the taste isn’t too important as long as it’s drinkable, which it was.

PhD VMX2 Mixed Drink

With constant shaking, the residue would separate, but as you can see, a fair bit gathered at the bottom of the glass.



  • Insane energy boost
  • Increased mental focus
  • Strong muscle pump
  • Give you heightened endurance throughout workout


  • Taste lets it down
  • More expensive than others


Side Effects

I didn’t experience any serious or different side effects to what I’ve experienced before – I felt a tingle on my hands and ears.

That is just a temporary side effect from beta-alanine.

It feels a bit like pins and needles, it didn’t affect my workout.

The tingle helped me to know when the pre workout had kicked in, it’s nice to know when the supplement is kicking in.

Aside from the usual beta-alanine tingle, the other reviews stated they experienced no side effects either.



PHD VMX2 is definitely a pre-workout that will give you energy and alertness throughout your workout.

We all agreed that we felt an energy boost and became focussed after taking the supplement.

There seems to be a lot of hype around VMX2, and I see it as a good pre-workout.

I wouldn’t say it was the best I’ve had but it was up there. I would definitely recommend it to people looking to give preworkouts a go.

Check the current price of PHD Nutrition here on Amazon.

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