Can you eat calories you've burned off?

Can I Eat the Calories I’ve Burned Through Exercise?

A question that is asked a lot is whether you can eat the calories you have burned through exercise?

I mean, if you are eating at a calorific deficit anyway surely you can?

This can be complicated, so we’re going to start from the very beginning.

If you are looking to lose weight, most people already know you need to eat at a calorie deficit.

This means you need to eat less than you currently are to promote the fat burning process.

So what deficit should you create?

Well, this all depends on you. As an average, most people choose to create a deficit of 20%.

This is a good place to start and most people choose this deficit.

This means that if you are currently eating 2000 calories then to create a 20% calorie deficit you need to eat 1600 calories per day.

This will encourage the fat burning process.

So what if you eat the 1600 calories and burn an additional 300 calories during exercise… Read More

How to stay fit with a busy life

How to Stay Fit When You Work a Busy Schedule

We all understand the importance of being active and how it can improve our health.

We know that to live a healthy lifestyle we need to incorporate regular exercise.

But, how can you stay fit when you are so busy? 

Some people that work crazy schedules seem to stay fit and active, regardless of working hours and busy lives.

Is it possible to balance work life and home life with exercising? 

The real question is how much do you want to get fit and stay active?

If you really want it, then you can do it.

You’ve just got to prioritise, spare an hour a day or whatever you can.

Be determined to reach your goals, even if it is going to be a long process.

We’ve listed all the ways to help you stay fit when working long hours, there are no excuses now.

Leaving the house in the morning and returning late in the evening can be depressing, but if you can get half an hour of exercise in there it will easily lighten your mood, making you feel happier and healthier.

It may help with sleep and clear your head of the long day you’ve had at work.

Prioritising exercise is essential, it needs to be near the top of your list. Read More

do HIIT workouts work for burning fat?

Are High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workouts Effective Against Burning Fat?

Whilst we all know it is important to stay active, some of us don’t have the time or patience for a regular gym session.

Sometimes, a demanding work-life or home life leave us with little or no time to exercise.

If this sounds like you, you should learn about High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

But what is HIIT?

HIIT involves short bursts of high-intensity exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods.

For example, it could be sprinting on a treadmill, pushing as fast as you can for 30 seconds followed by a light jog for 30 seconds.

HIIT sessions usually last between 10-30 minutes, so they are ideal for people who are short for time.

Are HIIT workouts effective against burning fat? Does HIIT help burn belly fat?

It is believed HIIT provides better results than a normal cardio session, in a shorter time, as well as some unique health benefits. Read More

Is jogging bad for you

Is Jogging Really Bad For You?

Jogging is an exercise that you can do anywhere, an exercise to get your heart rate up and your body moving.

For beginners, it can sometimes be a little uncomfortable to adjust to the weird feelings of your heart rate beating rapid and rapid breathing.

But, this is something you get used to overtime. A lot of exercises will get your heart pumping.

When you jog your body is carrying your weight meaning you can build some muscle and lose some fat.

The best thing about jogging is that it doesn’t require any equipment, apart from a decent pair of running shoes.

It can be done anywhere. At an indoor running on a track, on a treadmill, or outdoor jogging through the city or your local park.

Wherever you are, you will still feel the benefits of jogging.

But, recent studies are showing that jogging is bad for you. For many fitness fanatics, this is like claiming water is bad for you…

A recent study suggests that jogging more than three times a week, may be as bad for you as never doing any exercise.

In fact, they have claimed that it can be more harmful to jog more than 1-2.4 hours a week.

What, is jogging bad for you?!

Don’t panic, we have decided to look further into this study and find out if jogging really is bad for you.

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Best BCAA Powder for Women

The Best BCAA Powders for Women for 2019

BCAAs are a supplement growing in popularity with more and more fitness experts, fanatics and bloggers recommending them.

They’re great for a range of purposes including helping to retain muscle during weight loss, energy increase and aiding a good workout.

But what are BCAAs and what do they do? Which are the best BCAA powders buy for women and why should women take different BCAAs to men?

In this post, we’re going to help answer all of those questions and recommend our top choices of the best BCAA powders for women.

On our list, we’ve included a range of the best BCAA powders for women that include a good amount of BCAAs for a smaller frame.

The BCAA contents of powders can range from 2g to over 10g, so we’ve left out the higher BCAA-containing supplements.

These supplements all come highly recommended and have been put to the test to get our overall rating.

Let’s do this. Read More