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Best Running Shoes for Both Road & Trail Running 2019

Running is a great cardio workout.

You can do it anywhere… It is a simple way to keep fit whilst travelling. Just pack your running shoes and explore the grounds.

How do we answer the question “which running shoe is best?

There’s no simple way to make this article without referring to dozens of different types of shoes, dozens of styles of running, dozens of goals you runners want to achieve, and dozens of trails, each with their own ups and downs.

Barring that we can’t write an article detailing the best lightweight running shoes for you, on your path with 35% road, 20% trails, and 45% grassy hills, accommodating your specific foot sizing, arch type and pain points….

…maybe we can just do an overall “best of” list and break down some of the best running shoes in their categories. Yeah, let’s do that. It’s better than trying to write a lengthy article on every option of the best shoe for running out there.

Just a note: Most of the shoes listed here on it can be found in both Men’s and Women’s ranges. If a link is to a particular gender, it’s only because that’s what we’ve linked to. These shoes are the best athletic shoes for women or for men.


Best Running Shoes for Road Running

Meep meep! If you’re a ‘road runner’ (sorry), you understand the attraction of running when and where you’d like.

If you’re running a particular route, you can be confident that your terrain will never change. You simply have to worry about the weather, and unfortunately, we can’t solve that for you.

…but what we can do is show you some of the best shoes for road running.


Adidas UltraBoost Running Shoes

Adidas ultraboost running shoe

Adidas has a great range of the best support running shoes. They work hard in their R&D department to introduce better, more advanced technologies for running shoes. This pair of UltraBoost is an example of the fine work they do.

The Ultraboost shoes come in a range of colours from bright orange to all-white running shoes. It has an excellent heel height and a gum rubber sole. It’s bouncy and responsive on the road, giving you enough boost in your step to push on for another mile.

The film coating over the top allows you to run in any condition. Winter or summer, we’d recommend using this pair of shoes for your best city experience.

You can find these trainers on Amazon.


Brooks Glycerin 15

Brooks Glycerin

We love the cushioning on this shoe more than anything else.

It’s the perfect balance between a sturdy road model and one of the best examples of wide running shoes that we found for the road. Give yourself a few more minutes in comfort with an exceptional foot feel.

We found that the Brooks shoe held up in all conditions, and even after a long run; it was still more comfortable than our trusted sneakers.

For that reason, we’d recommend this shoe for longer distance runs.

If you’re in training for serious races, take this shoe with you to get the best feel even hours after you first started.

Find these trainers here.


Saucony Kinvara 8

Saucony Kinvara

If you need something that is more low-cut, we’d recommend the Saucony Kinvara as your perfect shoe. It’s one of the lightest running shoes we’ve found with a frame that barely feels like you’re wearing them. That certainly helps for those long weekend runs, but it’s just at home with a quick sprint after work.

The Saucony shoes provide a good base for runners who are looking to get into competitions and serious races. It gives you enough tilt to favour a mid-to-forefront striker position that competitive runners need.

Adapt to this shoe, and you’ll be glad you found a perfect fit for your next city excursion.​

Check out the latest price of the Saucony Kinvaras on Amazon.


New Balance Fuel Core Sonic

New balance fuel core sonic trainers

The Fuel Core Sonic by New Balance is a great road running trainer that is comfortable, durable and highly rated by runners everywhere.

New Balance are renowned for providing quality shoes with a great design. The Fuel Core Sonic trainers are a great looking pair of running trainers, available in other colours if the luminous colour isn’t to your taste.

Featuring breathable outer material and an upgraded BOA fastening, this is a great all-rounder for an inexpensive price.

These are available right here.


Best Running Shoes for Trail Running

If you’ve had enough of the mean streets, you might want to consider some off-road running shoes.

And we wouldn’t blame you.

It’s tough to compete with bikes, cars, traffic, noise, and other runners. But if you’re going to take up trail jogging, you really need to find the shoe that can handle the different sensations and obstacles you’ll find in the outdoors, off-road run.

Why use a trail shoe?

Well, you need a shoe that gives you advanced grip on terrain that varies wildly. You’ll also need extra toe protection in case you kick rocks or protruding roots. The best trail runners use shoes that can adapt to their needs every day.


Altra Lone Peak 3

Altra Lone Peak 3

If you’re looking for stability, trail running shoes can usually outperform their road shoes counterparts. This Lone Peak 3 is the perfect example of superior handling on every track and trail.

The wide-set foot provides you with an amazing foot feel while running over any surface. The stone guard technology protects you from rocks and roots that you might come across. You’ll also benefit from the outsole carbon rubber material, provided with a grip that’s almost superhuman. You’ll power up those hills much easier than you could before.

They released the 2 and 2.5, but we feel that with the Lone Peak 3, Altra has released excellent, cheap trail running shoes.

Check them out here.


New Balance Vazee Summit V2

New Balance Vazee Summit V2 trainers

If you’re not a fan of the excessive outlandish designs of other trail running shoes, minimalist designs like this one might appeal to your sense of fashion.

But don’t let fashion determine your shoe. Just because this New Balance shoe looks simple, belies the fact that it’s packed with technologies that improve your trail runs. You’ll get a breathable mesh, an outsole that grips better than other road shoes, lightweight support all the way around, and a fit that doesn’t allow your foot to roll around.

You’ll also enjoy the combination of traction on the trail and speed. It doesn’t compromise on either so you can enjoy a complete running experience wherever you happen to jog.

View the latest price here.


Best Shoes for all Types of Terrain

Maybe you’re looking for shoes that fit your particular needs and styles. That’s why we’re introducing this new section, showcasing some of the cool running shoes that serve purposes beyond just the surface on which you run.

Need some cushioned running shoes? Looking for something to suit a wide foot? Let’s highlight some of the outliers in the running shoe category.


Nike Flex Contact

Nike Flex contact trainers

From the smooth design to the form-fitting cut, this shoe is just cool.

One of the features that we appreciate in this shoe is the hot-knife cuts in the outsole. That means that you get greater flexibility on the grip, giving you longer wear while you take your runs. You can also enjoy a variety of terrains without worrying about the integrity of your sole.

The Flex Contact also provides an unbelievable amount of cushioning on your feet, giving you the feeling that it’s almost superior to your actual feet. The tight mesh exterior is perfect for a fit that doesn’t squeeze or restrain your foot in any way. Nike knows how to create the top running shoes for women and men.

These are available on Amazon.


Adidas Adizero Adios

Adidas adizero adios trainers

If there was only one thing we could say about this shoe, it would be this: Don’t forget to take them off.

Because they’re designed with such a lightweight frame, the mesh makes you forget that you’re wearing shoes at all. It’s also so snug on your foot that maybe you won’t want to take them off.

The lightest running shoes we found also come with a speed lace system that holds fast when you put it on. It doesn’t threaten to loosen mid-run like some inferior brands we came across. The mesh surrounding your fit gives you a breathability to wick away the moisture on your foot with ease. You won’t be plagued with sweaty feet, even after an extended run on the hottest day.

Specific technology has been placed at the contact points of the sole, like the heel and the forefront, delivering a boost of power and absorption while you run, lengthening the amount of time you are our running, and less time on the sidelines injured.

View them here.


Nike Zoom Vomero

Nike Zoom Vomero

In terms of stability, running shoes should never let you down. These Vomero shoes, while being cool and versatile, provide the perfect amount of support in women’s and men’s versions.

You can find both men and women’s ranges of the Vomero, enhancing your experience with these shoes.

We love the all black running shoes, but the striking Nike logo is cool too. The shoe is simple, lightweight, and perfect to accommodate the run you need, and the run you aspire to do. Jog now, race later, but do it all in the comfort of these cushioning running shoes.

You can view this final selection in our list on Amazon here.


Why Wear Running Shoes?

Why would you need to wear athletic shoes? Don’t those shoes just market artificial problems and make you buy their brand?

What we’d like to point out is that running shoes, no matter the terrain or style, no matter the goal or competition, protect your feet.

Your gait alters when you start to run. Your feet absorb 2-3 times your bodyweight, and you have a very different distribution of your body weight when you land. The impact is greater, the strain on every muscle and joint is greater, and you’re at risk of doing severe damage without the proper care.

Running shoes are designed to cushion the points that need cushioning, absorb impact, grip the surface better, aid with our natural foot position when you run and so much more.

Shoes provide a secure hold on your feet, preventing them from rolling out or losing balance while you run. Every part of your lower body is protected from injury by the best stability running shoes. Everything from your feet, your ankles, shins, knees, and even your hips.

So, again we ask, how do you pick the right running shoe? It’s an important decision considering you’ll most likely need 400-500 miles out of each pair of shoes, which averages out to be 9 months of wear and tear.

We’ll identify those specific targets that some shoes try to solve (like needing a wide width running shoe) and then we’ll pinpoint the particular shoes that we believe perform best in those categories.

It’s not going to be the most in-depth look, but you should have a good idea of the shoe that will work for whatever condition you run in.

So whether you need an idea of the best stability running shoes, the most supportive running shoes or just some tips when buying running shoes, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s start where mostly everybody starts… on the road.

Now, It’s Time for a Run…

If you were to ask us, the best running shoes would come with wheels and rocket-powered attachments. But for those who actually enjoy the experience, we hope you’ve discovered something new about your footwear.

Happy trails!

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