Best pull-up bars for the home

Best Home Pull-Up Bars to Work Your Upper Body Effectively

If you’re looking to do an effective upper body work-out at home, then you need a pull-up bar.

We’ve found the best pull-up bars on the market right now…

If you’re interested in getting your arms legally declared as weapons,

Or, if you want to intimidate your opponents in that friendly game of family volleyball,

And, if you just want to achieve peak fitness…

…you need to do pull-ups.

That’s just a given. You could be leaving tons of gains and improvements on the table if you’re not performing this very simple exercise.

But if you’re not at the gym, or at the park, how can you make that happen? How can you incorporate that exercise into your daily routine?

You could buy the best pull-up bar that you can get your hands on. Or the best chin up bar. (You’ll see them listed as both online. We’ll explain why in a minute).

So, that’s what we’re here to help you with.

We have sorted through the (literally) hundreds of options online to sift out the rubbish, bringing you the complete set of pull bars you should absolutely get for your home.

We’ve sorted through the door bars to bring the very best over-the-door pull-up bars.

We’ve pulled out the highlights of the portable pull up bars (Yes, they exist).

And we’ve collated the peak of wall-mounted pull bars.

We’ll show you our list in a moment, but before we do…


The Benefits of Pull-Ups

Let’s talk about pull-ups.

First, let us highlight the difference between the two most common exercises you can perform on this bar; the pull-up and chin up.

Pull-ups are performed with your hands facing away from your body. Whether you’re gripping it in a close-grip, or you have an extended grip, as long as your palms are facing away, you’re performing a pull-up.

Chin ups are when your palms are facing towards you. They seem similar, but they achieve very different results.

Some beginners stay away from pull-ups thinking they’re not strong enough to do an effective amount (I know because that was me) but anyone can do pull-ups.


What Muscles Do Pull Ups Work?

Pull-ups mainly focus on strengthening your back and your biceps.

Alternating your grip will focus on different muscle groups. You can widen your grip to get more shoulder targeted exercises while closing your grip to work those difficult lats.

It is beneficial to have strength in your hands and forearms; there are many ways to improve grip strength.

Chin ups work the back but provide more emphasis on the biceps and arms portion of your routine.

You can achieve an endless combination of muscle groups to target on your back, shoulders, and arms. Anything upper body can be worked out with a good pull-up bar.

And because you’re using a pull-up bar, you’re only using body weights to achieve a toned and fit physique. In fact, it’s one of the best bodyweight exercises you can do, and therefore, a must for your home gym.

It also gets your blood pumping and your heart racing. And because you can alternate grips, you can literally up the difficulty simply by moving your hands.

But if you are in the rare category of finding pull-ups too easy, you can always use a dipping belt on which you can add weights to further test yourself and your limits.


What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

To begin, you’ll experience an immediate bump in your fitness. As you start to incorporate pull-ups every day, you’ll notice how rapidly you’re shifting from doing just one or two, to performing multiple sets of 10-12.

You’ll also notice a better posture. As you develop your back and shoulders, it naturally gives you a better alignment with your spine. You could be sitting all day at a desk, gradually reducing your body’s ability to stay in alignment. But pull-ups reverse that damage, pulling your muscles back in to do their work.

And you’ll also be able to improve your back pain. Many in your generation experience some form of back pain, whether slight or extreme. Back muscles that don’t get a good workout can weaken and that affects your entire wellbeing. Doing pull-ups every day will rehabilitate those weakened muscles.

But you probably know all of that. You probably understand how beneficial it is to own your own pull-up bar.

And that’s why you’re here. So let’s move into what you’ve come here to find…the products!


The Best Pull Up Bars

And here they are, the very best of the best. We chose these options for a number of reasons.

We tallied up the average reviews online, the ability for anybody to use them, the comfort of the grip, the ease of the installation, and of course, the price. There’s no need to spend multiple hundreds of dollars to get a great workout. So, let’s see what made our list.

Check our product recommendations and reviews for the best pull bars below.


‘Authentic’ RDX Chin Pull Up Bar

RDX Chin Pull Up Bar

RDX actually has an entire range of pull-up and dip bars for you to choose from. We selected the RDX Chin/Pull-Up bar because it works exactly what you want it to work; your back, your biceps, and your shoulders.

The bar is extremely strong, built to hold up to 150kgs without any issue. You simply fasten it to the wall using the convenient bracket, and you have two different grips from which to choose.

We’re convinced that you’ll find a range of motion that you never thought you could do on a conventional pull-up bar.

It’s treated to prevent corrosion so you can even install outside on the side of your house. With perfect traction and excellent grip, you simply have to give it a try.

Check it out on Amazon.


Gymcor Commercial Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Although this bar might call itself a “commercial” bar, that’s simply to state how durable it is. You can take this bar home, and you won’t even pay a “commercial” price for it.

The sturdy bar mounts to your wall with ease, using two foundational brackets that lock in to form an extremely rigid structure. There’s no slipping or loosening once it’s locked in place.

The 1.2m long bar gives you enough range to widen your grip to work those elusive shoulder muscles with ease.

The bar is also comfortable for most hand grip sizes, something we don’t see often in these commercial bars. It’s even made here in the UK so you can support local enterprise with this bar.

Find it here.


Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro

Multi gym pro

Those last two choices were meant to be permanently fixed to walls, but what if you don’t want to do that? What if you want a convenient way to do pull-ups in your home? Perfect Fitness has a great option for you to try.

The door-mounted pull-up bar gives you three grips to perform your pull-ups and chin ups. Even though it’s an indoor pull-up bar, it’s strong enough to use a weighted dip belt. You can even perform dips to work on your triceps as well.

The installation is simple enough for anybody to use and the design of this bar allows you to do push-ups and sit-ups as well to vary your routine.

View the current price here.


Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Iron gym upper body workout

One of the common complaints about using a door-mounted pull-up bar is that they seem unsteady. Iron Gym has put out a simple and effective solution for that with the Total Upper Body Workout Bar.

It uses the leverage of your body weight with a secure non-slip safety wedge to keep it in place while you use it. You can feel confident that you’re getting a good workout, even in the warmth and safety of your own home.

We love the versatility of this bar, switching from arms to the core to the back with ease. Fitting in most standard home door frames, you can build that impressive set of “guns” in no time at all.

Check it out on Amazon.


Iron Gym Xtreme Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Iron Gym Xtreme Total Upper Body Workout Bar

But Iron Gym didn’t stop there. They also created the Xtreme version of the Upper Body Workout Bar, a heightened experience to build your fitness and muscle tone.

The Xtreme comes with the same features as the original, but with more variations on grip. You can choose to use the bar or on one of the side grips to target different muscle groups. Work on your weaknesses and maximise your strengths with this pull up bar.

All standard door frames (60-80cms) can accommodate this workout station, and anybody can install it from one doorway to another.

Buy this on Amazon.


Schindora Multi Gym Station

Schindora Multi Gym Station

If you have space and you want to convert a space into your own home gym, you might be interested in a free-standing pull-up bar. We think we’ve found the perfect one with this Schindora Multi-gym.

You don’t need a wall or door frame to get a complete workout. Simply set up the device and start working on chin ups, pull-ups, dips and a range of abdominal exercises. We love how this multi-gym is ready to give you dozens of exercises in the one place.

Work on every core muscle, arm (biceps and triceps), and back and shoulder muscle without needing to switch between machines.

This is available right here.


GM Door Gym

GM Door Gym

If you travel a lot, or need a pull-up bar that can go where you go, you might consider this GM door gym. It will give you the same range of motions that other bars will provide, but it’s extremely affordable.

The price point makes this the perfect portable pull-up bar. It’s set to fit in any standard door frame, and securely give you a complete upper body workout.

All the tools you need are included in the package, so it’s as easy as “Ready, Set, Go!”

View more details here.


Confidence Doorway Pull Up Bar

Doorway Pull Up Bar

Of course, for the ultimate in portability, we’ve included the confidence doorway pull-up bar. That’s all it is; just a bar. That’s all you’ll need.

The bar locks into place. So once you’re done setting at the right height, you can work on your lats and delts right away. Do a set of chin ups in your hotel room. Set up a quick set of pull-ups in your bathroom door frame in the morning. It doesn’t have to take up valuable room in our home. Use it, pack away and don’t think about it until your next workout.

Check the current price of this product by clicking here.


Pulls-ups are just amazing…

Pull-ups are invaluable to any workout routine. They maximise your gains over the course of a short period of time.

Most bodybuilders, physical therapists, and gym rats will tell you that pull-ups are so crucial to your health.

Make it easy to get the best workout with a pull-up bar you can use at home or whenever you need it.

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