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Best Home Gyms & Fitness Equipment

It’s soon coming to that time of the year when gym memberships start to sell like hotcakes.

And you might be interested in taking out a contract.

It might be that you’re looking at your own waistline, wondering if it’s time to make some changes.

Maybe you want to get an early start on looking good for next summer.

Maybe you’re getting ready for a reunion.

Or maybe you’ve decided that it’s time to focus on your health.

But are you really going to spend all that money on a gym?

You have to compete with the grunts, the marathoners and the muscle-bound gym jocks that look like they own the place.

Not only that, but are you committed enough to drive to the gym every couple days, park, shower, and mingle with the crowds all vying to do the same thing?

Wouldn’t it be better to set up the best home gym? Would you feel more comfortable creating your best compact home gym, right in your basement or garage?

We’re doing this because we, just like you, despise that rush of people at the gym, when we much prefer to do it all form the convenience of home.

But you might be thinking that it’s an expensive exercise to create the best home gym setup.


It’s incredibly simple, affordable and convenient to create your own homemade workout space.

Don’t believe us?

We’re showing you how to build a home gym, cheap! It will do everything you would expect from one of those membership places, and you can even workout in your PJs if you want. (Don’t do that. You could, but you shouldn’t).

If you’re looking for an all-in-one home gym, check out these reviews from Fitness Review.

No Money? No Problem: Setting up A Home Gym on a Budget

It’s a lot simpler and cheaper than you think to set up a home gym.

The basic principle is reducing all the exercises you could do at an expensive fitness centre, and simplify it into a series of bodyweight exercises that you can perform anywhere you want.

Consider this:

At the gym, you can find machines like the Hammer Strength machine, a complicated, bulky machine that works your lats, chest, back, and triceps.

Consider how much a machine like that costs as well as how much space it would take up in your home.

You can, with a few variants, work the same muscles using push-up variations, dumbbell exercises, a good pull-up bar and some bodyweight dips on a chair.

And you’ve only spent a fraction of the price, just on one machine. Those same simple pieces of equipment can be used to work out your legs, shoulders, core, and arms, saving you literally thousands of pounds on speciality machines that they try to upsell you on at the gym.

It’s a wonder more people don’t try setting up a home gym for themselves.

Creating a Floor Space

Creating your own home gym starts with the flooring. If you want it to feel like a place to get buff and fit, it needs to feel like it first.

You also need to protect the floor of your home from your sweat, dents from your weights and protect your body while you’re performing your next set of crunches.

You need it to be anti-slip, resistant to spills and smells, and durable.

Let’s look at our recommendations.

Easimat Interlocking Gym Flooring

Easimat Interlocking Home Gym Flooring

Creating a gym space is as simple as laying down interlocking floor mats, such as these mats by Easimat. They make it simple to transform any room in your home into a place for serious home gym setups.

The 61cm x 61cm mats come with easy interlocking edges, making it simple to measure up your room and buy the right amount of mats. 8 mats will cover an area of 32sq ft. They are simple to install and even easier to clean. Simply wipe down the high-quality EVA rubber to remove any spills or wetness. It dries easily and doesn’t mark the flooring underneath.

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ETM Rubber Gym Matting

Rubber Home Gym Matting

Part of building your own home gym is also caring for your body. Think about all the exercises you perform on the ground, such as push-ups, sit-ups, and other core exercises. The strain can be tough unless you use this rubber gym matting.

The squares come in a number of different sizes, so it’s easy to get the right size for even the most awkwardly-shaped room. Also, there are no interlocking pieces, so you can cut and shape your matting any way you need.

The 10mm thick rubber mats make even the best home gym flooring soft and bouncy, which is easy on your body. It’s shock-absorbing no matter how high you jump or how hard you land. It is heat and cold resistant, doesn’t stain or mould, provides excellent grip, and resists even oil spills.

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Necessary Home Gym Equipment

And we get into the meat of this article. This is where we’ll discuss what it takes to create your own home gym from scratch. So, to make it easier, we’ve broken it down into easy to understand sub-sections.

These sub-sections should cover every aspect of your home gym and what you need to replace that expensive card sitting unused in your wallet.


To begin setting up any home gym, you need to think about how you’re going to achieve your cardiovascular exercises. You need something that will spike your heart rate, keep you sweating, and not take up a lot of room.

Our suggestions might be surprising to those who assume what it takes to create a home gym. It’s all about saving space.

V-FIT MCCT1 2-in-1 Cross Trainer

Home Gym Cross Trainer

Even the best cross trainer at home gyms can get boring. That’s why went for the 2-in-1 trainer that includes a seated cycle trainer as well.

The magnetic resistance makes it easy to dial up or down the challenge you want to set for yourself. Extend the saddle or the reach of your trainer to personalise it your body. It’s easy to monitor your performance with a clear and visible monitor with 8 different functions to improve your cardio workout.

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Body Sculpture Rower

Body Sculpture Rower Home Gym

One of the best ways to get a complete workout is to use a rowing machine. We found one of the best rowing machines for home gyms in the Body Sculpture version. It’s compact enough to fit in your home and folds away should you need to store it out of sight.

But what it lacks in size, it makes up for inefficiency. You get a thorough workout that counts your rowing strokes, your heart rate, your distance travelled, calories, and time spent on the machine. The gym function of this machine also works your arms, back, and core with a cardio exercise that really pumps you up.

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Master of Muscle Skipping Rope

Master of Muscle Skipping Rope

It’s always the case that the simplest equipment usually turns out to be the best. Skipping rope is an effective way to warm up for your workout, or it can be the workout itself. This skipping rope from Master of Muscle is tough enough to handle both.

The wire cable and improved grip on the handle make for a smooth spin each time. It’s compact enough to take with you, and you never get tangles or twists like you would with an ordinary rope. A few minutes on this rope, and your heart will be in the cardio range in no time.

The adjustable height screws are perfect if you’re sharing your home gym space. Take that rope with you when you travel, or hang up where you can be reminded of your home workout routines.

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To replace all those bulky machines in the gym, you need to find a suitable way to exercise that won’t break the bank.

One of the easiest ways to get in a full workout is to use weights. Either free weights (dumbbells), kettlebells, or even by using your very own body weight. You can achieve just about any exercise, working out any group of muscles by modifying your movements with a set of good weights.

Here are the best weight sets we’ve found to include in your home gym setup.

There are so many different types of dumbbells to choose from, so we’ve made a guide on the best home dumbbells.

DKN Vinyl Kettlebell Set

DKN Vinyl Kettlebell Set

It’s no secret that kettlebells have become one of the hottest sets of workout equipment you can have in your home gym. Take control of your movements with some kettlebell exercises.

You can design your particular workout with this handsome set of the 4 best kettlebells, providing enough resistance to move through a range of exercises designed to improve muscle tone, build mass, and strengthen your core.

The vinyl exterior is extremely friendly to floors and they are ergonomically designed for optimum movement and range. Coming with a workout chart to help target muscle groups, your home gym wouldn’t be complete without a set of these DKN Vinyl kettlebells.

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PROIRON Adjustable Dumbbell Set

PROIRON Adjustable Dumbbell Set

The reason we chose to include this set of adjustable dumbbells is that we believe it’s the best dumbbell set for your home gym. It’s simple, it’s infinitely adjustable, and with it, you can create a new workout every time you use them.

The set comes with 12 weighted plates and two bars, giving you the range to do smaller movements or create a barbell to incorporate your whole body. It’s pared down to give you a simple and effective way to boost your body and build your muscles right at home.

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Genki 9-in-1 Home Gym Ab Trainer

Ab Trainer for Home Gym

Because using your own body weight is the key to getting a good workout at home, we’ve included what we believe to be the best ab machine for home gym use. And what’s better is that this isn’t even a machine.

You won’t have to waste space using this workout trainer. You get up to 9 isolated exercises to target your core and strengthen the centre of your body. Move in different ways and build up resistance using the intensity pins to build up power in the springs. It’s just about the best home exercise equipment for the core.

We also love that the entire ab trainer simply folds away when you’re done with it. Put it aside, hang it on a wall, or even tuck it under a bed until you’re not too sore to pull it out again.

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Mirafit Power Rack

Power Rack Home Gym

And for those who want to achieve their best body, you might be in the market for a great power rack. Do squats, deadlifts, and other barbell motions using the Mirafit power rack. It’s the best home gym power rack you can get for the price point.

We understand how other machines could cost thousands, but this is simple, basic, and fits right where you need it. Put it in your garage or your shed to add to your workout routines.

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Warm up/Cool Down

Just as important as the exercises you’ll do are the warm ups and cool downs to respect your body. Prepare yourself for the exertion and cool down your body with these necessary accessories.

Fit Nation Foam Roller

Foam Roller Home Use

There’s a reason nearly major league sports team has about 350 of these foam rollers in their locker rooms. They are absolutely invaluable to working out the kinks in your sore muscles, keeping your blood flowing, and managing your own pain.

If you’re working in a home gym, you must have some way to get those sore muscles back on track faster. This compact foam roller does just that. Simply lay on it with your sore muscles and let the nubs and bumps work out all those aches and pains, restoring blood flow to where it’s needed most.

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Physix Resistance Loop Bands

Resistance Loop Bands

Again, as a way to warm up and cool down your muscles, start and end your routine with some simple resistance band training. These loop bands give you what is essentially a mobile gym workout.

You can add enough bands to boost your routine. Or you can simply start your day with stretches and flexes.

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Beyond the necessary equipment, we’ve included a couple “must haves” for your home gym. These accessories take it from “blah” to “BLAM!”

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker Gym

Starting with the tunes, we’ve selected one of the best speakers for a home gym. You’ve got to keep yourself motivated and cranked up.

This Bluetooth speaker connects easily to your smartphone to put out extremely crisp sound quality. The dual range drivers and bass port expand your music to feel like it’s a much bigger system than it is. It’s extremely portable and has an impressive 24-hour battery life.

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MirrorOutlet Bevelled Mirror

Mirror for Home Gym

Keep an eye on your form. It’s the most important part of your workout. This is, by far, the most authentic part of a home gym.

The best mirror for a home gym is going to ensure that every exercise, every movement, every routine you perform is accurate and reaching its intended muscle group.

Plus you can make faces at yourself and stand there naked while you pose in front of the mirror.

What?! These are the benefits of your own home gym.

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Russell Hobbs Table Top Fridge

Russell Hobbs Fridge Home Gym

And if you’re going to get serious about your workout, you absolutely need a place to store your drinks. You can use this professional fridge to keep water bottles, electrolyte drinks, or store your protein shakes for when you’re done.

Or you could store beer. We’re not going to advise you should, but we can’t tell you what to do with your own fridge.

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It’s time to workout!

And there you have it. It’s your own home gym.

It’s simpler, cheaper, but it’s yours.

You don’t have to pay memberships, you don’t have to compete with some sweaty jock who didn’t wipe down the machine before you, and no one is going to give you weird looks if you’re working out at 3am.

Well, maybe your partner might.

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